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[18th November 2013] Feature Update
Only a small addition this time, but it's a feature that has been requested quite frequently.

User Map
On the navigation bar, you will now find a "Map" option. This option will take you to the User Map section, where you can see the locations of other users and add your own location. The maps are sourced from Google Maps and, as such, there is also Google Earth capability that may be enabled in the future. The capabilities of this new feature are limited, but we hope to expand on this in the future.

That's all for this update. If anyone encounters any problems using the maps, please message me explaining your problem. Thanks everyone!
can we add ourselves to the map? if so how?
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Click "Map" on the navigation bar and scroll to the bottom. There should be a message saying "Click here to add or edit your pin location on the map".
Wow. Just wow. We just give out our location info. xD
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[quote name="Shadow" post="4374" timestamp="1384817062"]
Wow. Just wow. We just give out our location info. xD

Even then, "location info" is not recorded. The new Map makes it much easier to find users who live close to another for potential tournaments though.
And even so, it's not even compulsory...you only put it in if you want to, it's not required at all...
I am so late to this topic .... neat feature ~Mana~ thank you 

- J
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