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3D printed parts?
Well not entirely like 3d printed parts but like adapter pieces to connect barrels and magazines from each generation and make it cross compatible

Anyone think of that before?
I did think of this way back like years ago but the problem is:
1. Proper Equipment
2. Raw Materials?
3. I need to be able to design parts very precise which I don't have that kind of skill right now

I also think that if lets say I were to design a part then it might end up being much more bulkier or something else for that matter.

The only easy way that I can think of is to really build them up from scratch with some modifications along the way so that while in the design stages you can alter some parts so that it can be somewhat become an imitation to the original design.

Ex. What I want to do is to make Accel=Dracyan to be able to equip DHB Armor

So in a sense I would do something like copy the overall design of Accel=Dracyan and then making some changes to the mold of the core to the point that it can equip parts like the DHB system easily without any problems.

Of course for the DHB armor, I might do some design changes from the original design since the mold on the front cores have very different shapes like the Accel for for example so molding the barrel part of the DHB core to make it work similar to the design of the grip barrel minus the grip part plus making it so that the barrel design of the grip barrel should work the same as the barrel of the DHB armor and then add targets below the barrel for the trigger mechanism of how the DHB armor should work.

The Leg part should be somewhat easy enough but for me if I were to make the feet part it woudn't become as the same as the original design but at least the idea is still there and the size should be nearly identical with the original size of the DHB Armor.

The Target Shield or w/e it is called plus the magazine should be much easier to implement even with the original design aside from size adjustment since you get the idea.... Then again minor changes might be needed to the magazine part to adapt the design of the cross fight b-daman magazines...

In summary of this:
You need to be good at designing stuff just to make a compatible adapter to achieve that you want but of course there are some things that you cannot easily make an adapter with due to design restrictions.

- Can you imagine somehow combining a crash b-daman trigger into a cross fight b-daman core
- Can you even create a adapter that allows you to connect the zero 2 system head part to the cross fight b-daman core so that you can create your own mix and match head armor parts from the battle b-daman series
- Can you imagine somehow adapting a cartridge system b-daman trigger part onto a cross fight b-daman core?

But of course there are some that has the potential such as for example the barrels from the battle b-daman series to the crash b-daman series and then creating an adapter for cross fight b-daman series.

Edit: If you are only after the magazines and barrels then I am way out of my post.
Failure leads to Innovation as perfection leads to no innovation. That's how I manage to keep my sane under control while building homemade b-damans Tongue

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