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[8th September 2013] Feature Update
So, as many of you are pointing out, a few new features have appeared on the Forums. I suppose I should list them here, as well as how they will benefit users!

eNotify will cause alerts to appear in the top-right corner of your web page. Alerts can be for replies to personal messages or replies to your posts in articles. Right now, while it's active, it seemingly only works when it wants to but nonetheless, it's a nice addition to the Forums and should help you keep track of where your posts have been replied to.

Referral System
Pretty self-explanatory; when users sign up, they can now type a user into the referrals box and that user will earn a referral point. This is so we can keep track of which users are increasing publicity of the forums the most, and we can reward users accordingly. Please note however, we can track if you're creating loads of accounts yourself and listing yourself as the referring user, so don't do it unless you want punishing!

Trade System
This one is specifically for the marketplace and needs a few alterations. The Trade System will allow buyers to leave sellers feedback on any sales that have been commited. While this system is completely optional, I would hope this will show users which sellers are reliable on the Forums and which aren't, and perhaps make the marketplace more active. As I said, this requires a few alterations but I'm sure I'll have those up and running over the coming week.

Online Users Tab
An "Online Users" tab has been added to the left-hand side of the web page. With this, you can expand it and very quickly see which users are online and how many are online in total. The number on the top includes guests, so don't think it isn't correct! For example, 31 are online at the time of writing: 8 are users, 23 are guests. This should help users quickly figure out if their friends are online.

That's all for now. Reply with your opinions on the new features and what I can do to improve them! Thanks everyone!
So Referrals is a good thing ? I thought it serves as a warning ..... and again I'm rarely right ..

- J
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