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[9th November 2013] Giveaway Postponement
Following a month having no entrants in the giveaway (does the B-DaPass really sound that bad?), I have respectfully decided to postpone all forthcoming giveaways until further notice.

I apologise for any disappointment caused due to this, but it absolutely has to happen.
My apologies. If only I have Paypal... T_T
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[quote name="Basara Shirochi" post="4071" timestamp="1384014981"]
My apologies. If only I have Paypal... T_T

Anons can still use Paypal.
Anons meaning Unregistered users
A-ya, AKA the dead unfortunate.
I'd get it, but I can't afford it atm, waiting on a check in the mail
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I can understand the frustration. I love this site and the wonderful Admins that have created this place. It truly is the best source of information. Being an "older" collector it is easier for some of us to enjoy supporting this site. I sill still have the items I promised as the give away. And will be able to still send the items out when ever a new ruling and give away is presented.
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what do u mean by giveouts?? (im a beginner)

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