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Airsoft Discussion
I was wondering if anyone in the community plays Airsoft?. For those of you that don't know Airsoft is a sport that puts the player in Military like objectives using replica guns that shoot 6mm plastic rounds called BBs. Recently I just bought a M4 from a guy and can't wait to put some money into it so I can get a new stock, red dot sight, and a new mag. Airsoft is a sport nothing dangerous, but like most sports it is possible to get injured. If you never heard of this sport I will leave a link to a video and if you do know Airsoft tell me your gun or loadout specs Smile



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I use to play. I still have my M4. Its eqquiped with a cheek rest retractable stock, sling mount(ambidextrous), e-mag with a faux bullet window display, magpul pts short handguard eqquiped with 3 cnc aluminum railsand a new handgrip with heat shield. Also have a matrix 3000 turbo motor paired with a 9.6v battery pack.

My main airsoft supplier was http://www.evike.com
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Thanks to kyousuke for the Sig.
@[member='Kodoh Kuraki'] My recent purchase was a Elite Force Tac 1911 and I put Tac light on it and silencer

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