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Anyone here into Danball Senki/LBX?
I dunno, its just that im the only one i know that loves danball senki, both the anime and the game!

I bought ONE about one or two years ago, and its the only one that i planned on getting, and its lucifer.

Also, why doi like danball senki? Well, first they are cool. Second, the also look cool, three, they are 1:1 scale, four, they also build it in the anime like how you would in real life, fifth they dont need any painting skills to look VERY accurate, and sixth, they are very solid and wont fall apart easily unlike gundam (except for odin or so i heard)

How about you guys?

Will post pics soon of my lucifer

<a class="bbc_url" href="http://s1371.photobucket.com/user/RevGaruburn/media/imagejpg2_zps96e792d9.jpg.html">[Image: imagejpg2_zps96e792d9.jpg]</a>
If I'm correct Rollout is in to them to
[Image: Kodoh_Kuraki.jpg]

Thanks to kyousuke for the Sig.
Search before you post a topic.


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