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Avengers : Age of Ultron ( Contains bit of Spoiler ! )
Who doesn't love more superhero epic team up ? Big Grin While the sequel did not do as well in opening night as the 1st movie it is still a great movie. To non - comic book readers it may be confusing a bit , the plot towards the final battle & feels a bit long & stretched out near the end its not so bad. Besides the movie being about another superhero team up , my other reason to watch it is because I wanted to see how well they could merge the characters from the X - Men universe & The Avengers universe. I like heroes / villains with superspeed at the moment , so since The Reverse Flash wasn't there ( I know that's DC Universe ) Quicksilver will do as well , as  the only speedster character in the movie I root for . For those of you who watched , you will know what I'm talking about , SPOILER !!!!  ,  I really wish they put him on that Cell Regeneration chamber Hawkeye used , after ... you know what happened. I know its for emotional purposes for the viewers but .... still I want a different ending for him. Scarlet Witch also being portrayed greatly , we finally get to see her in a real life reenactment Overall a great movie to see  

- J.

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I've actually watched the movie on Saturday and I'm not gonna spoil anything but I will give my opinion... it was awesome. It was exhilarating, intense and even funny at times.
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Minor Spoiler Alert to those who already watched the movie.:

A-ya, AKA the dead unfortunate.

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