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B-Daman Anime Questions and Answers
This topic is reserved exclusively for asking and answering questions about the B-Daman anime.

  • Before asking, use the Search bar! It's always at the top of every page and very easy to use. This helps you see if somebody already answered your question.
  • If you still couldn't find it, try the wiki! B-Daman Wiki is the official online encyclopedia of the Forums and with a lot of articles, you might be able to find what you're looking for.
  • Do not post questions that aren't about the anime! The toys, the manga and the Forums have their own Q&A topics where those questions should be asked and answered in theirs.
  • Only answer questions that you know the answer to! If you find a question and you're unsure, instead of potentially giving misinformation, let someone else who knows the answer handle it.
  • Don't make "idk"-only posts! Replies that only contain "idk" or any variation doesn't help anybody and is considered spam.
  • If your question is left unanswered, bump it a few times! However, don't get bump-happy because it turns into spam and after too many attempts, people might still not know what the answer is.

Failure to follow with these rules will result in your post getting deleted without warning.

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