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B-Daman Crossfire Break Bomber Battlefield

Players must master power, speed, and precision to keep up with the frenetic marble shooting play in the B-Daman Break Bomber Battlefield arena, inspired by the B-Daman Season 1 TV series. Players start on opposite sides as they shoot at the rows of blocks in the center of the arena. Blasting away yellow blocks reveal red blocks. The player that blasts three out of five red blocks into the opponents’ territory wins.

The B-DAMAN figures are definitely toys of this generation. They are tied-in with the B-DAMAN Crossfire TV series; there are QR codes on the figures, and an associated app is available, so you can continue the battle online. Yet, even with all these new twists, it is still a classic marble shooter battling game at its core.

Set includes one deluxe target unit with 25 blocks, completely enclosed arena walls, two B-Daman figures, two B-Daman Wide Magazine Accessory pieces, 1 customization tool, 16 B-Da Marbles, 4 Ultra B-Da Marbles, 2 collector cards, a sheet of consumer-applied labels, and instructions. Each of the Wide Magazine accessories takes ten marbles at a time, so players can do less loading and more blasting.

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This was the first battlefield I bought. It's fun, and great for either two players, or it's possible to make one player games.

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