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B-Daman Crossfire English Dub Discussion
As we know, B-Daman CrossFire is the dub name SUNRIGHTS assigned for Cross Fight B-Daman.

Apparently, Disney XD Malaysia will be the first network to air it! Starting June 8, 2013 (two days from now) where hopefully a YouTube user can upload it for us to see. In this topic, one can discuss the English dub as it progresses while this OP will be updated to include the episodes released (should one upload them).

Here are Disney XD Malaysia's videos concerning the CrossFire English dub:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jU8PoxTGAeM (Halftime Holiday announcement)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4QqvrhupyTU (TV spot 1)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=swcHW9GRi3so (TV spot 2)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pUx2GUjmzRU (TV spot 3)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=196De1KvMQU (Sneak peek)

If what's said is true in the Sneak peek, "Ricky" is a horrendous rename for Kakeru. The third TV spot suggests Syumon renamed to "Simon" which is okay, though it could still be the former...

I can't deny, Ricky is an absolutely terrible name to replace "Kakeru". And his VA makes me cringe so badly, but I could get used to it I guess. Yukihide, Subaru, Ruri and Natsumi's VAs are quite good, though Subaru's is my favourite.

One thing to note; Dracyan's Super-Shot shout is extremely underwhelming. I hope that's not consistant.
Most definitely, Subaru's English voice actor sounds just as cool and calm as how Sachi Kokuryu provides his voice in Japanese. Yukihide's seems decent and Ruri's isn't half bad. Though haven't heard Natsumi's, how is it?

Kakeru's English dub voice isn't really poor since it strongly portrays him as a young boy, despite him being 11...but pretty fitting. Thunder Dracyan and Lightning Dravise also harbor well-acted voices.

"Raging Dragon Blast" does sound emotionless, but the name is an improvement over "Dragon's Drive".
It's "Rising Dragon Blast", not Raging. (Rising=Dracyan reference?) Tongue

Natsumi's...suits her. But it might get annoying.
Oh my mistake, lol.

I'm highly anticipating Basara's appearance in the English dub, his voice shall be phenomenal...no?
If it isn't, I'll be disappointed, but I'm sure it will be. Any suggested VAs?
We don't even know "Ricky's" voice actor, lol.

I'm watching you, IMDb.

This is urgent information, so please excuse the double post.

Thanks to the official B-Daman CrossFire facebook page, more information is revealed.

Character renames
I've merged your posts; double posts should not occur without a 48 hour spacing between them (or close on. I won't be picky).

Really, none of those names needed to be changed at all. Samuru will likely be shortened to Sam in the anime. Shigami? I prefered Shirogane. Saiga was...pointless. Natsumi becoming Sumi...pointless.

Really, I'm quite worried about the names of other characters now. We know Shumon will become Symon, but we don't know what Yukihide or Goichiro could become...
Oh, I apologize, I will be more cautious.

Yes, Shirogane was superior since it compliments Lightning Dravise's colour. "Shumon" was always a mistranslation of "Syumon", though.
It wasn't a mistranslation as much as false advertising. Some media advertised Symon's name as "Shumon", while others used "Syumon". In all cases, it would be close to Symon anyway.
Kakeru's English VA actually is the same English VA for Bull Borginie in Battle B-Daman and Battle B-Daman: Fire Spirits. I figured it out from watching the TV Spots and the Sneak Peek.
[Image: 7.jpg]
Riki's English voice is too unique to be voiced by the same actress who voiced Battle B-Daman's Bull.

http://youtube.com/watch?v=196De1KvMQU (0:36)

http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=LrodpFGO8uw (6:18)
http://youtube.com/#/watch?v=TD2UNTxs3Ds (4:11)

That said, Bull's voice in his first link does sound somewhat like in Riki's link. This need direct confirmation, however.

EDIT: Dub update.
Thanks to StarHub, the first four dubbed episodes names are here.

01.) Did You Say... B-Daman?
*This is B-Daman!?
*This is Cross Fight!?
02.) Wait a Minute! He's the Champion!?
*He's the Champion!?
*Eh? A Fast Record!?
03.) B-Animals? What Are Those?
*Howl, B-Animal!
*Finish It with a Triple Shot!!!
04.) West City, Here We Come!
*Go! West City!!
*3...2...1, Cross Tag Fight!

This is the official TV guide synopsis:
"Riki determines to become the very best player in the fast-paced world of fighting toys known as B-Daman."

The names stay close to the Japanese ones, but add-on to it which is nice.

Good to see "B-Animal" was kept.

I must be the only one who loves this theme. "SHINE ON, AND BE THE MAN!"
Best part is; that song is only HALF of the theme Big Grin
I do admit it's not as bad as Nelvana's theme for the Beyblade Metal Saga but this theme is only 30 seconds long and 1 minute would be a lot better.
[quote name="EdBoy3" post="539" timestamp="1372710974"]
I do admit it's not as bad as Nelvana's theme for the Beyblade Metal Saga but this theme is only 30 seconds long and 1 minute would be a lot better.

"Best part is; that song is only HALF of the theme"
Dub names:

Yukihide Washimura ---> Yuki Washimura
Syumon Katsumiya ---> Simon Sumiya
Gouichirou Tsukiwa ---> Grizz Sukino
Reiji Maki ---> Reggie Mak
Ouga Laigo ---> Hugo Raidoh
Daiki Watari ---> Derek Watari
Naoya Homura ---> Novu Moru
Asuka Kamiogi ---> Asuka Kami
Gun Arano ---> Gunner Arano
Aruba Kokoderu ---> Alba Cocodoro

Most are alright, like Yuki, Sumon and even Gunner. I can tolerate Reggie since it's not that big of a deal. However Grizz, Hugo, Derek and Novu are just horrifying. Seriously, what kind of name is "Novu"? Cocodoro is actually quite nice, since it's wordplay on "cocodrilo", Spanish for "crocodile".

Basara's first name is kept! Big Grin
Some of these are absolutely horrible, but some I actually do like. Grizz suits Goichiro and Gunner sounds a lot more tolerable due to it's extended length. However, I can't stand Novu, Derek and Hugo...

Remember to only use this topic to discuss the CrossFire English dub.

EDIT: Apparently the user's post I replied to was removed.
What is the point of this topic if we are moving it to another topic?
A-ya, AKA the dead unfortunate.
[quote name="MasterRPGMan" post="583" timestamp="1372903977"]
What is the point of this topic if we are moving it to another topic?

The fact this topic isn't supposed to be for eS? Seriously, do you even understand what we're discussing?

EDIT: Oh, actually the user's post I responded to was deleted and dealt with a different anime series. Still, don't try and argue unless you understand what actually happened.

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