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B-Daman Fireblast Dub Discussion
What I meant to say was I'm honestly surprised this isn't "Pay2Watch".


Oh well, we will forever question Sunrights' actions.

A-ya, AKA the dead unfortunate.
Just to crosspost this:


Quote:For anyone who is interested, a few minor details about the Fireblast app and their strategic plan;
  • The app will not be updated with future episodes. Instead, you are expected to download each new app as you go along to be able to watch the content. The "Fireblast 2" and "Fireblast 3" apps will be available later this year.
  • Each app will weigh in at around 1.2GB. That totals 3.6GB of your valuable smart device space if you want to have the full series.
  • "Fireblast 1" is listed as being at a "special introductory price", which is free of charge. I can only assume that this signifies that they'll start charging for the app soon then.

So uh, I can't really stand having 3.6GB wasted so I'll be ripping these episodes as soon as possible. Granted, 9 episodes in 1.2GB isn't bad for compression but I'd rather have them on my computer or stream them online than have them stored natively on my iPad...


EDIT: Ah, so that's what it is. The offer is basically that the app itself is free, but there's an in-app transaction of £1.69 (assuming it'll be $1.99 USD) for anyone who wants to watch episodes 2-9. Not a bad price, but the files are actually in the app already and just locked away. I personally think it'd have been a better move to just drop them on the iTunes Store/Play Store instead of just having this app for it...


EDIT 2: And as you'd expect, I'm a total ass and I've ripped everything out of the app (yes, it was that badly coded that I did it within a few minutes). Images, episodes, audio; the entire lot. I'll be sorting it all out and making it available soon.

So yeah, I've extracted everything and it's now all on our YouTube channel. If anyone is interested in the individual files for download, I might be able to sort something out about uploading to MEGA.


For anyone interested though, the app only had 576p versions of the episodes, likely as iPhones don't generally tend to have high resolutions.

576p is actually meh.

How about I render the episodes so it's 1080p?

A-ya, AKA the dead unfortunate.

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