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B-Daman Speedometer: You can build one!
How fast does a B-Daman marble go? Which of my B-Daman is fastest? I built a B-Daman speedometer with LEGO and some simple electronics parts scavenged from around the house and an Arduino computer board. The full how-to is over on Instructables here



Very awesome! a DIY speedometer! never I have thought of that kind of possibility. I guess since I am stuck coming up with a good homemade DHB system.. and a core.....


Anywho, this deserves a 100 gold star! 

Failure leads to Innovation as perfection leads to no innovation. That's how I manage to keep my sane under control while building homemade b-damans Tongue
This is definitely pretty cool!

The best answer to any question is always a DIY one in my book.

[Image: arcadesig.png]

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