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B-daman characters
Who is everyone's favourite characters from any of the b-daman anime series and why?

       My favourites are Samuru, Dravise, and Basura.

Samuru: I like the cool, quiet, and reserved characters. Plus his past is pretty interesting.

Dravise: I like how he always tries to support and help Samuru, even though Samuru  always tells him that he talks too much.

Basura: I like his change during the series, and how he and Drazeros managed to form a friendship. 


Me personally, it would have to be Kodoh Kuraki from Crash Bdaman.

Mainly due to the fact that he is a fierce competitor but above else his strict code to having a fair fight and giving everything you have at the time of battle
[Image: Kodoh_Kuraki.jpg]

Thanks to kyousuke for the Sig.
My top 5 B-Daman Characters

5. Kamon Godai - The non-stereotypical main protagonist

4. Naoya Homura - The awesomely diabolical secondary antagonist. Thank heavens, he ain't possessed.

3. Basara Kurofuchi - The anti-hero with amazing amounts of character development.

2. Gray Michael Vincent - The best B-Daman hero for me.

1. Kyousuke Arasaki - The main antagonist that isn't a child and that isn't possessed either.
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It's hard to get a top 5, so I'll add my faves in no specific order


Battle B-Daman

- Li Yong Fa

- Terry McScotty (Tsubame Tsubakura)

- Mie Delgado (Mie Daiwa)


Crash B-Daman

- Konta Tsukino (duh)

- Hitto Tamaga

- Princess Darami


Cross Fight B-Daman

- Shumon Katsumia

- Daiki Watari

- That one scumbag (Naoya of course)


Cross Fight B-Daman eS

(I haven't seen much but from what I've seen)

- Mitsuru Hachisuka

- Kamon Godai (more like Kamon DaGod)


That's it Smile

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My top favories in Battle B-Daman:

Yamato Delgado

Terry McScotty

Gray Michael Vincent

Wen Yong Fa

Right now, my 5th spot is either between Kamon Godai or Ryoma Godai although I like Ryoma's manga version 1000 times more than the anime.


I also made my current signature to show my favorite characters from all B-Daman series.

Yoshinori "Billy" Kazama is my 6th favorite character over-all. Kurobon is at 10th. 

[Image: Cinematic_Record.png]

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Semper Natura Credo | Always trust your instincts.
Battle B-Daman:

  1. Gunnos
  2. Mie
  3. Gray or Pheles
Crash B-Daman:

  1. Kodoh
  2. Hitto
  3. Nana? (I personally have too many to list for this one,but my top two will always be Kodoh and Hitto XD)

I haven't watch much B-Daman Crossfire so I can't decide on who's my favorite character,but if I had to choose,it's Natsumi (Sumi).

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My favorites are Samuru, because I also like the quiet, cool, clam, and collected characters. I also like Novu Moru for some strange reason. Lastly, I like Asuka Kami, and Gunner Arano because he is so nice.

Well, as I've only seen Cross Fight (like I just mentioned lol), I only know characters from that series. My favorite, as you can probably tell, is Samuru. \

partially because I'm convinced that he's a girl in disguise


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