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B-daman tournaments
I think there needs to be some b-daman tournaments in the U.S. And I know b-daman did terrible here in the U.S. But hasbro needs to recognize the fan base just a little. Along that I think fellow players who live around Bellingham Massachusetts should try and start some b-daman tournaments, I totally would go to some if they had some. I am going to try and see someday if my library will do something like that because they have video game tournaments.
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I know Kodoh is in Massachusetts. Unfortunately, even beyblade got the shaft from Hasbro we only had 1 official Beyblade tournament series if you even want to call it that. Only about 29 tournaments were held in certain states the majority were in California and New York. The top 3 from each went to the world championship in Asia. Japan won as usual. After that mess ,Hasbro decided that campaign beyblades were a better option than the expensive tournaments. BlackSun Galaxy Pegasis was the only release. Bdaman just isn't appealing in the USA. I got no problem bringing a crash b daman to conventions just for fun. But like we've discussed in the past: our community is too far and few from each other.
“You, people down there, are you satisfied with the way the world is? As for me… I hate it.” – Lockon Stratos
I slightly wish beyblade didn't exist (sorry please don't flame me) all it did was take the spotlight of b-daman and it used get me in trouble with my parents a lot (also hasbro realeased some sucky spin offs) like atleast if something like Pokemon shadowed it it would make sence it's a really cool video game, anime , and merchandising series but really beyblade just a bunch of tops (again please don't flame me, I love dragoon) maybe if nowadays they realeased the b-daman based on Godzilla or megaman in the U.S. They would sell better I mean I would buy ten megaman zx colored garuburns and I plan on making a combo that are thought colors when I get the money because they don't think of the idea. I would love a b-daman of blastoise.
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But that's slightly off topic
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For the few and far between issue I for instance live in Ontario, Canada making it even harder to find a local community
(Monday July 6th, 2015 - 12:11 AM)Kringly Wrote: For the few and far between issue I for instance live in Ontario, Canada making it even harder to find a local community

really? i thought b daman was more popular in Canada? i mean i am basing this mostly on other tt toys like beyblade doing better there than in the u.s.
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