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Battle B-Daman Fire Spirits on YouTube
Hey guys, I found this on a YouTUbe channel a few days ago, I think for a while whether should I post it here or not?
I searched the forum, seems like nobody shared before.

The channel is Kamon Godai.
I think it is in Chinese, CMIIW. And no subs.

If you like it, go thank him and NOT ME! I just want to share, that's all.
You can like the videos, favourite, share, or anything.
Here is the 1st and last episode, watch the others at his channel.



I found some English dubbed ones as well. Just search it up.
EDIT: Well, just a few.
A-ya, AKA the dead unfortunate.
Yeah, I watched it all about a year ago, and some Japanese and Korean Dub.

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