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Battle B-Daman LP
Hello everyone my name is DrVolkein and I finally started my Let's Play on Battle B-daman. I finally got an emulator to work and started 2 new LP's on my channel and I will leave a link to the b-daman one, but I also started Pokemon FireRed if anyone is interested in that. Hope you guys will enjoy the videos and leave comments on my videos if you have any questions. THE BOSS!!!



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So you do not do commentary ... Still a great video . Keep it up.

I do commentary, but my headset broke and the new one I ordered is taking a long time to get here

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What emulator do you use? Virtual Boy Advance?

A-ya, AKA the dead unfortunate.
I will leave a link




try it out it is really good

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I am late posting this but DrVolkein, you already made a topic about your YouTube channel. There's no need to continue making any more when you can just update the original with new posts.


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