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Bdaman on a budget: What should you buy?
Its a question so many people type in YouTube comments on IX's videos as well as my own. "I got $20, what should I buy?"

Let's look at your options:

First is money: How much are you willing /able to invest? The answer to this question will be the main factor that effects your purchase.

Second: What Bdaman series do you like the most? It's important to note,that the older series like Super will be tremendously more expensive than the most recent Like Cross Fight.

Third: How often will I be using the Bdaman I selected? This is VERY important. If your buying a BB7 DX set, but you want to use Super Bdaman, your going to have a higher chance of breaking parts.

Now to the budget part:

If your new, and have let's say $25, but you want to buy more than one Bdaman, look into Battle Bdaman and Cross Fight/Crossfire. Sets that Hasbro produced are significantly cheaper than their Takara/Takara Tomy counterparts and thus, can be bought in bulk.

If you have say $50, but are looking for a more collectable Bdaman, the Crash Bdaman and Super Bdaman are a better choice for you.

It's VERY important to notethat the older Bdaman, especially Crash and Super, are made of a more Brittle ABS plastic and can break under heavy usage and should be handled with great care.

I'll post a video discussion in the near future. Thank you for your time and I hope that this helps.

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I think cross fight is the better option for people just starting out just because how amazingly cheap they are even the takara tomy versions are pretty cheap. I just bought a clear blue Bearga with accele core, a grip barrel, and gunlock wolg for under $20 on amazon. 


Also Congrats on getting the shoutout from Jp0t and hopefully you get a lot of subs out of it

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For anyone's first bdaman I suggest the hasbro starters that come with tuneup gear, I mainly suggest Lightning Dravise with tornado magezine
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I'm what you can call as a loose cannon (anything goes, uncontrollable dynamic fury, etc) so I'm probably not the best when it comes to giving advice regarding budget stuff. But here's my two cents:


Crash B-Daman and other rare older B-Daman are best for collecting purposes as each of them retail for no less than and easily $30 upwards.

If you want to go looking cool in your street or competing in tournaments; go with Cross Fight B-Daman and Cross Fight B-Daman eS since they are the latest releases. Each regular release could retail about $10-20. 

For starters, you could buy DX sets like Dracyan DX or Dravise DX that comes with Tune-up gears and a generous amount of official B-Dama.

When it comes to merchandise-driven series; the rule is always latest release = Bang for your buck. That applies well with B-Daman.
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A Hasbro starter, maybe the Hasbro Break Bomber at it's current price
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The Hasbro Break Bomber is definitely a worthwhile starting place. Two B-Daman, two Tune-Up Gear and a playing field for a very generous price.


Of course, next step up from that would probably be the DX Sets that are generally offered. A B-Daman, a Tune-Up Gear/Version-Up Part and a handful of marbles (and sometimes a target to shoot at) is a nice place to start.


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