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CB-69 Blast Arm, useful? MADNESS!
I've been fiddling around with my Cross Fight collection recently, and I've stumbled across an interesting find regarding the CB-69 Blast Arm.


As far as I can remember, lots of people who had the Blast Arm had problems with the connector piece that bridges the two rear finger grips/Emblems. I tried a custom with Spike=Phoenix, the Blast Arm, and a Wide Magazine out of sheer curiosity/seeing it on the cover of the Legendary Phoenix Manga. To my surprise, the Wide Magazine held the Blast Arm's connector piece in place, and created a much more effective Rapid Fire shot.


I have tested this in the limited environment I have right now, but if anyone else can test this, I would be most grateful to know the results in a better setting.


To review, the components for this custom were;


Head: Phoenix

Arms: Blast Arm

Foot: Phoenix

Core: Spike

Magazine: Wide



NOTE: A small peculiarity I noticed with this custom (at least, because my hands are HUGE), is the tendency to have to spread your index and middle finger extremely wide in order to properly accommodate the Blast Arm AND Magazine. I myself don't have much problem, but for those with smaller hands, it may prove more difficult.  



It's the same for the cyclone mag and system mag.

Personally I don't like using a mag which is pretty much y
[Image: Kodoh_Kuraki.jpg]

Thanks to kyousuke for the Sig.
@[member='Lone']: I see your point, but for those who like using Magazines and Rapid-Fire, this may prove to be an interesting discovery.

Very true
[Image: Kodoh_Kuraki.jpg]

Thanks to kyousuke for the Sig.

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