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Cartoon episodes that you really hate! >:(
This topic discusses episodes of anime or cartoon shows that really put you off, even to the point of hating it!


Imposter's Home for Make 'em Up Pals (Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends) - I was a little off-put with this one, especially with Bloo being a bad influence for Goofball. Darn it, McCracken, why did you have flanderize Bloo?!


Garu Down-Under (Pucca TV series) - So, Garu ends up in Australia after escaping from Pucca's lovestruck advances, and gets unofficially adopted by this lonely Aussie. This guy's careless with a capital "C". Plus, the writers saw fit to use this one stereotype about Australia, particularly the one in which everything is out to get you (or in the case of this episode, they're depicted as being poisonous, such as plants, emu pecks, and for some cheesy gag, electric fences.)


Pucca goes Dutch (Pucca TV series) - My pet peeve about this episode; the use of stereotypes by the writers. They depict Dutch people as pannekoeken-eating, peace-loving Summer of Love-style hippies (or as Tobe puts it, "Peaceful, peace-loving Peaceniks!"). They also depict Belgians as being hostile towards Dutch people with a love of violence and waffles, as well as being ninjas, with Tobe and his subordinates playing the part of Belgians.


Mommy Fearest (PowerPuff Girls) - Ah, yes. The episode that introduced the sly and sinister Sedusa for the first time in the series. I was off-put by the way she manipulated her way to make the PPG's lives miserable, while making Professor Utonium oblivious to this secretive abuse. Thankfully, things ended on a happy note when the Professor finally turns the other cheek, and has the girls call the police.



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Oh this is easy, I can list so many:

Every episodes - Monk Little Dog: I hate this cartoon, it is the worst cartoon I have seen (I'd rather watch Dora the Explorer). Every episodes are the same torturefest of Monk gettig a CRUELLY bad ending. I don't give a flying frog if thats the whole point of the cartoon, that doesn't mean I have to like it.

Horrid Henry's Unhappy Day - Horrid Henry: Which idiot thought this episode was a good idea? Its so bad that I can't believe it actually made it to television. Moody Margaret is the same jerk she is as usual and when she took a comic book off Henry, the police instantly blame Henry for being a trouble maker...THAT IS INCREDIBLY STUPID!!! Margaret also treats Henry as a slave in order for Henry to read her comic only for her to blow him off and just to put the salt in the open wound, she takes a humiliating picture of him. Now normally, I would respect peoples opinions...but for this case...NO, unfortunetly, I won't respect someones opinion if they like this episode because only morons like this episode...I mean how could anyone say this is a good episode?

Call Girl - Family Guy: WORST FAMILY GUY EPISODE EVER!!! The first plot is unfunny and pointless and then we move on to the second plot. Lois insulting her kids was not funny and anyone who finds it funny then I'd like to ask...WHY?!!! The main plot is where Lois works as a s--line and she gets angry when Peter cheats on her...THAT MAKES NO SENSE. If she was so afraid of affairs then why does have to work as a s--line? She could have worked at any other job...OH AND STEWIE ENDS THE EPISODE WITH ONE OF THE WORST JOKES EVER!!! What a new low...

Warp Sonic - Sonic SatAM: By the words of Sonic "THATS NO GOOD!!!". The fact Sally tries to distance herself from Sonic and even claiming she isn't with Sonic (even though before she clearly was) just to have a possible date with Griff is nuttier than squirell...nevermind. Yike Sally, how many boys do you have in your love life? There was Sonic, Knuckles (In the Archie Comics), Griff etc. When Griff was a thief, Sally never knew meaning she never acknowledges Sonic saving the day.

Tongue in Cheek - Happy Tree Friends: I know Sniffles tried to eat the ants but those ants really enrage me for their relentless cruelty. They always seem to win and I wish they would die (sorry if wishing death isn't allowed here). I get it, they are suppose to be like Jerry from Tom and Jerry BUT I DON'T CARE, THEY SHOULD STILL BE TAKEN DOWN.
A Pal for Gary (SpongeBob SquarePants) - Okay, I'll admit to have seen only part of it, but I also read reviews on DeviantART about this. SpongeBob was annoyingly oblivious to Puff's transgressions and that monster always gets away scott-free. It's so stupid!


Gone (SpongeBob SquarePants) - A real backstabber. Everyone else (including Patrick) leaves Bikini Bottom, and SpongeBob on his own, due to celebrating something stupid called "National No-SpongeBob Day", and they milked it a little by being away for weeks at a time. A little my aft end! They milked it big time! This is one of the reasons why people prefer the first three seasons of the series! Thanks a lot to those ratings-obsessed executives for having SpongeBob's quality be lowered with those bad writers.
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Fun Dungeon - Clarence:

This pretty much proves that Clarence is an butthole.
A-ya, AKA the dead unfortunate.
Three Squares and an Ed (Ed, Edd, n' Eddy) - So, Ed gets grounded for whatever reason and Sarah and Jimmy decided to add insult to injury by pretending to be prison guards. Double-D and Eddy decide to try and bust him out. Predictably, they fail and all three Eds get grounded and could only contact each other via tin can phone. However, Sarah and Jimmy pull on the wiring hard, making their houses tilt. This is one of my least favorite episodes of Ed, Edd, n' Eddy because of this. It's a reason why I hate that spoiled little brat Sarah so much!


The Creeps (Adventure Time) - The whole haunted mansion thing turned out to be a big prank that Finn was plotting to play on Jake, PB, LSP, and Beemo. But!! Those blasted writers decided to spoil Jake rotten by having it so that he turns the prank against Finn with help from Lady Rainicorn. Seriously, how did that dog even know that Finn was planning to prank him with that mansion? Did Lady warn him about it, or is it that fact that he's a magic dog and (somehow) was able to read minds? Perhaps Finn wasn't being discreet enough, or maybe, he's had previous experiences in large-scale pranks (pulling them or falling for them) that he found out about it and recruited Lady Rainicorn.

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Like my WBO account, I complained about a show I think is the worst thing ever, Mechanimals! The Chinese cartoon or anime is so low quality with horrendous visuals and animation, bad and overused story and the characters suck, the cliched types too, especially the god awful Tsunderes which I hate most of the time! It so annoying that I was genuinely violent, 99% of Tsundere characters especially the female ones suck! This one was the worst, that girl protagonist really ticked me off, now I haven't seen Sakura and I hear she's the worst Tsundere, but she is probably tame compared to what her name from Mechanimals, no matter what girl Tsundere there is, nothing is worse, my god.
Ayano's Theory of Happiness - Mekakucity Actors (Anime)

Not sure if that's allowed but the first part is only bad. Really bad. The entire opening scene is MMD animated. Just.... WHY. The only good thing is, it's fixed in the Blu Ray version
A-ya, AKA the dead unfortunate.
There is this episode in Chowder that was just painful to watch because the protagonist became way too annoying that it's inconceivable. It's Shnitzel trying to deposit his paycheck in the bank and Chowder's childish antics made me want to throw the remote at the TV.

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