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Cease and Desist Warning


This is Bob Buchholz, Director and Script Adapter of the English Adaption of B-Daman CrossFire.


It has become aware to me you are uploading full episodes of B-Daman CrossFire, WITHOUT PERMISSION, to garner views on your Wiki:




I don't know who is in charge of the YouTube account in question, but do understand, you do not have permission to be streaming these episodes.


Therefore, I ask that ALL THE EPISODES are removed immediately from the YouTube page. I suggest doing this quickly because I will not hesitate to take all the necessary legal action against this Wiki and the YouTube page.


Therefore, you have 72 hours to comply before I look into such action.


The B-Daman CrossFire franchise is not supporting this website, but by you uploading our episodes, you make it look otherwise. So it would be rgeatly appreciated if you respected our wishes and supported OFFICIAL streams instead of your own.


Thank you.

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