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Cobalt Blaster
So I have not found to much on Cobalt Blaster for pictures anywhere, and only one review. So I thought Id share a few of mine. Which I just only got yesterday! Not so much a review, more or less a showing!  


Packaging- Minus the fact it is at least 10 ten years old, it was in great condition. With the contents all in one nice piece! Comes with a starter Cobalt Blaster, two blue cartridge shells, one B-Dama, and one Stealth Drive Shot.



Apart: Taking and putting this guy apart is nice, in the simple fact that it does not feel like I will break it easily.



Cobalt Blaster Assembled- Out of every blaster I have owned, this one by far feels sturdy, and tough. Everything is a fairly tough plastic, minus the his horn blade and ear fins. Which are are a fairly sturdy rubber and fairly straight. One note of caution is just be careful on the cartridge pack, there is a buckle on one of the two halves that snaps onto to the other half, if you take it apart be careful. As I noticed slight stress marks forming on the bottom ends. But one more mention though, like usual with old sticker sheet's means glue, but oddly not that many stickers needed it. 



But as super gimmicky as the cartridge system is, it is pretty awesome though, especially if you have more strike shots. Shooting two at a time is so satisfying. So sorry if this not to helpful or hard to make sense of. Not the best at writing my thoughts on things like this. But hope you enjoy and I will add more to this topic when I get his tune up pieces soon hopefully!

Also curious if any other people have a cartridge system B-Daman and what your thoughts are!

Awesome! I want Cobalt Blaster too Sad xD , btw i got  1 Cartridge B-Daman.. Smile 

Thanks and just got him 50 bucks off amazon. Which one did you have?
Thanks and just got him 50 bucks off amazon. Which one did you have?
Meteor Dragon  

Very nice! I have both Dragons on the way!
I happen to have Chrome Harrier in my possession.

[Image: AlexSingature1.png] Credit to EdBoy3 (thanks, dude!)


Now that is pretty sick good sir. He is without a doubt on my purchase list!


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