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Combination Assistance
I want a combo based on power, rapid fire and control but mostly on power.

I have a

thunder dracyan

Accele dracyan

lighning dravise

strike cobra

strike avian

thunder leo

lightning scorpio

twin drazeros

force dragren

drive garuburn

ultimate drive garuburn

rizing dracyan with magnum arms

Tune up gear:

Wide magazine

tornado magazine

true aim barrel

I would like a combo good for break bomber thnx!
Great crash control type combination

Body:Taurus 2 (sws ver)

Trigger: assault

Grip: lighting grip (mach guruda)

Barrel:.67 cal grip (Odin) + .67 cal sniper (assault Taurus)

Crash weapons: triple launcher

Synchro weapons: tactical shot + beat magazine

Magazine: sws drum server
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I Need A Good Combo For Rapid Fire With A Bit Of Power.

I Have: 

Heads: Dravise II, Deathshell,Raydra And Bison.

Cores: Burst,Slot,Sonic And Gatling.

Arms: Garuburn, Bison, Raydra, Dracyan II And Deathshell.

Legs: Dravise II, Deathshell And Raydra

Ver. Up Parts: Buster Legs

Tune-Up Gear: Cyclone Magazine And Dash Stabiliser.


PLS HELP I"M ONLY 12! I Love B-Daman And I Use All My Hard-Earned Allowance On It So Pls Help!!!!!!!!!!!11

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i suggest you go to rapid fire mode only...

because your parts has nothing outstanding on power....

you can make original burst bison for rapidfire/power combo you asked for but you lack of power mantle... and using burst bison is not easy....

the best you can do from your parts is a rapid fire combo sonic dravise + dash stabiliser. for magazine parts don't use cyclone, system magazine is better...

I agree with @[member='mbaheganteng'] on this.
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Thanks to kyousuke for the Sig.
Cool but i can rarely buy stuff but thx for the reccomendation!

Burst Bison is easy for me to use but for now i use Slot=Raydra..[Image: keep-calm-because-yolo-24.png]

The Hurricane Blows And Destroys All In It's Path.


[Image: 379f8-neoxkidzbdamancopia.jpg]

Quote:I'm not sure if it's even possible to create a "power-rapid fire hybrid" with your current parts.
i don't know about you but i can do some good rapid fire with the accele core (it might be because i only use rapid fire types so i got used to shooting fast)
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