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Coming soon to ColAR Mix: B-Daman

ColAR Mix is an app available on the App Store and Google Play that lets people scan printed coloring drawings with compatible smartphones to show an augmented reality 3D model of it with the same colors. They can also take pictures and animate them.

While not out yet (it's due in September 2014), ColAR Mix will feature B-Daman in a future update. Thunder Dracyan will be a free coloring page that can be printed out and colored however way you want. You can take pictures, zoom in and out, share them with friends and even disassemble the entire B-Daman - Hold Parts included.

ColAR Mix is free-to-download but Thunder Dracyan will be the only free page. This means any future B-Daman pages and especially an upcoming "game mode" will be in-app purchases.

This is not the first AR-related B-Daman app. The BDamanBattles.com app can scan Collector Cards and do the same thing - albeit without the coloring gimmick.
This sounds cool. I think B-Daman lacks apps for the fans to have fun

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More information coming next week:


There will be pages based on B-Daman Fireblast:

Interesting! Good for planning out color-based customizations.

What I'd like though is an app that allows you to mix and match parts and see how they would look like. Kinda like that Customization Segment of every Beyblade game.

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Semper Natura Credo | Always trust your instincts.

The free Thunder Dracyan page is out now for ColAR Mix (except in Japan). All you have to do is print out the PDF above, color it and then scan it with the ColAR Mix app on your smartphone. Get creative and show us your color combinations!
Is this out yet in the app shop? I can't find it anywhere.

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Quote:Is this out yet in the app shop? I can't find it anywhere.
Yes, just search up "ColAR Mix", download it and after launching the app, you can download the free Thunder Dracyan.
I can confirm more pages are on the way next month. Hopefully they will be Fireblast B-Damans.
New promotional trailer from the colAR Mix developers.



Neat stuff, and Garuburn's in it!

[Image: AlexSingature1.png] Credit to EdBoy3 (thanks, dude!)
Some new details on the B-Daman packs:
  • The B-Daman Fireblast Premium Pack is now available on the app. The pack costs $2.99USD and is available as an in-app purchase. This pack gives you access to a number of colouring sheets, as well as a game mode in which you can use your VR B-Daman to gain points, then purchase Tune-Up Gear and other upgrades with those points.
  • A B-Daman Fireblast Free Pack is also available, which gives you access to one colouring sheet and the VR game mode listed above. It is not known whether the Free Pack has limitations on the game mode however.
  • While the ColAR App is available in a number of countries, both B-Daman packs are only available in North America.
Another trailer has been released to accompany this news, albeit slightly altered from the previous one.



There will be six B-Damans in the Premium Pack. They are Drive Garuburn, Rising Dracyan, Sonic Dravise, Dashing Tankshell, Kreis Raydra and Stream Drazeros. You can download the pages completely or individually: Each Page includes one B-Daman with either Tune-Up Gear or a Version-Up Part for in-game use. Drive Garuburn comes with the Blast Arm, Rising Dracyan the Spike Drive Arm (yes, that's the new name for the Magnum Arm...), Kreis Raydra has the Buster Leg, Dashing Tankshell with Dash Stabilizer, a Cyclone Magazine for Sonic Dravise while Stream Drazeros gets the Scope Magazine.

Darrell is an engineer who helped make the game and he took a picture of himself with AR Thunder Dracyan, showing us what nasty color your B-Daman Page looks like if you don't color it:
It's essentially a replacement for BDamanBattles.com.

According to colAR Mix (y'know, the ones who MADE this game), B-Daman are "cybernetic aliens".

"Yes, it's an interactive 3D coloring book page. But it's ALSO an arcade-style shooter! Featuring lovable cybernetic aliens! With flashy powers and attachments! Happy Wednesday."

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