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Cross Fight B-Daman ARTS
Five years after the defeat of Triple=Gillusion; the world had since been accustomed to B-Daman but there are people who remain aloof to the whole concept and dismissed it as a mere child's toy.

Our hero, Reiki, is an obsessive B-Daman player. He finds himself cheating the face of schadenfreude every single day at school. It only takes a mysterious dream to kick things up a notch when a heroic spirit asks for his help in protecting something way bigger than the B-Crystal -- The B-Empyreal, whose destruction can bring about more than the end of the world. 

Together with an unlikely band of friends - an ex-WBMA competitor, a former bully, a meek girl, a redemption-seeker and a cold-hearted overseer; Reiki must find out whose corrupting the B-Empyreal from within.


East City High Students

Reiki Tamamaru [ 球丸 レイキ (たままる・レイキ) Tamamaru Reiki ]
15 years old, male. Partner: Chevalier=Arthur (Soul of King Arthur)
The new main protagonist. Reiki is a sophomore at East City High. Often bullied in school by the big guys for his obsession with B-Daman, Reiki aspires to become in league with Kakeru Ryugasaki and Kamon Godai so as to prove that he has chosen a better way of life.

Shinzo Kurosawa»’澤 シンゾ (くろさわ・シンゾ) Kurosawa Shinzo ]
15 years old, male; Partner: Zeal=Azrael (Soul of the Angel of Death)
A considerably wealthy classmate of Reiki. Shinzo used to be one of the bullies but after that week of detention; Shinzo realized that bullying is cowardly and a real man fights fair and square. He decided to take up Cross Fight and along the way he becomes close friends with Reiki.

Kizuna Odagiri [小田切 キズナ (おだぎり・キズナ) Odagiri Kizuna ]
15 years old, female; Partner: Gaze=Lilith (Soul of the Demoness General)
A classmate aof Reiki who was absent when the auditorium mutiny happened. She befriends Reiki since Day one but has kept it a secret in fear of being bullied as well. 

Mari Misaki [ 岬 Þ  (みさき・まり) Misaki Mari ]
16 years old, female; Partner: Fates=Mordred (Soul of Mordred the Sinner)
In a never-before-seen concurrence in the history of the WBMA, the championship was taken by a female B-Shot. Mari presents more than a challenge to Reiki and his friends with her precise aim. She always comes out as fierce in any battle but once she steps out of the arena; she resumes her normal life as a Senior High School student in the same class as Ryuji.

Ryuji Sumeragi
[ 皇リュウジ (すめらぎ ・リュウジ) Sumeragi Ryuji ]
17 years old, male; Partner: Arche=Michael (Soul of the Archangel Michael)
Five years ago, a despaired and jealous Ryuji played host to the devastating powers of Smash=Dragold. Half-a-decade later, Ryuji is in senior high school and as a B-Shot of exceptional talents, he seeks to walk the path of redemption by destroying the pride of any B-Shot that attempts to do the same mistake he did.

Ryudou Tsunotsuki [ 角突リュウドウ (つãÂつき-・リュウドウ) Tsunotsuki Ryudo ]
16 years old, Male, Partner: Dyna=Tripress (Triceratops B-Animal)
A hotblooded and egoistic frontman of an indie rock band. He is classmates with Ryuji and Mari whom he refers to as love birds. His obsession with his "Sir Basara" had deepened over the past half-decade to the point that he won't attend class if the man won't be teaching in school.

East City High Faculty

Basara Kurofuchi [ û’渕バサム(くろふち・バサãƒÂ) Kurofuchi Basara ]
Unknown age (late 20s), male; Partner: Gamma=Drazeros (Soul of the Twin-Headed Black Dragon)
A former B-Shot from the North City, infamous for his violent streaks and brutal fighting methods. He now teaches in the East City High and is the class adviser of Reiki's class. A formerly aloof man who, after witnessing Reiki get blamed for the auditorium mutiny; warms up to him and takes him up as his successor.

Kumiko Yamashiro
[ 山城クミコ (やましろ・クミコ) Yamashiro Kumiko ]
Unknown age (early 30s), female; Partner: N/A
The former teacher of the well-known champion B-Shot Kakeru Ryugasaki. She used to be just Math teacher but after being inspired by Kakeru, she also takes up Geography. She is the only other teacher, other than Basara, that believe in B-Daman being sentinent beings.


Kakeru Ryuugasaki
¾ã€…崎カケル(りゅうがさき・カケル) Ryuugasaki Kakeru]
17 years old, male
A former student of the East City High and a WBMA Hall-of-famer. Kakeru moved with his family to Central City after he gets a job at the WBMA Headquarters. He also performs private investigative job and is keeping tabs on Protheus vien'Mille.

B-Shot NOVU [(ビーダ NOVU) B-Da NOVU]
18 years old, male
The announcer for the End-of-School Tournament (EST) temporarily taking over the job of B-Shot RYU. His real name is Naoya Homura [焔ナオヤ(ほむら・ナオヤ) Homura Naoya]. His polite demeanor is never without a trick up his sleeve but this time, he's simply just an announcer...or is he?

Yuriy Romanov [ ユーリ・ロマノフ Yuuri Romanofu]
26 years old, male; Partner: Trinity=Brynhildr (Soul of the Valkyrie Brynhildr)
A Russian businessman and socialite. He is one of the top investors of the WBMA. He devised the ever-so-mysterious Tower Challenge which will make its debut in the EST. His background, however, remains a mystery and the cynical Protheus seems to keep an extremely watchful eye on him.


Protheus vien'Mille [ プロテイス・ヴェン ミール Puroteisu Ven Miru ]
18 years old, male; Partner: Azure=Aeneas (Soul of Aeneas)
The socialite from the North City and heir to the vien'Mille family's fortune. He has no memories nor emotions brought by years of harsh training. He acts as the overseer of events, watching from a distance and often heard speaking in a rather cryptic manner.

System: ARTiculate Soul (ARTS)
Unit consists of a Head Part which can freely move around the Core Part.
Two Arm Parts and Two Separate Leg Parts which are also articulate.
Parts are fastened with Revolver Stud Parts.

Soul Shot
Unit fusion with its wielder. Unique attack pattern will result from this combination.

List of ARTS B-Daman
Chevalier=Arthur (Reiki Tamamaru) - Power Type. Soul of King Arthur of Avalon
Azur=Aeneas (Protheus vien'Mille) - Control Type. Soul of the Warrior Aeneas from Troy
Fates=Mordred (Mari Misaki) - Control Type. Soul of the Blood Knight Mordred
Gamma=Drazeros (Basara Kurofuchi) - Special Type. Soul of the Two-Headed Dragon Drazeros
Arche=Michael (Ryuji Sumeragi) - Rapid Fire Type. Soul of the Archangel Michael
Zeal=Azrael (Shinzo Kurozawa) - Rapid Fire Type. Soul of Azrael, the Angel of Death
Gaze=Lilith, (Kizuna Odagiri) - Power Type. Soul of Lilith, a female demoness
Trinity=Brynhildr (Yuriy Romanov) - Special Type. Soul of Brynhildr, a Valkyrie
More to come...
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Wow! It's sounds amazing, and it's WAY more detailed and explained than my story: Cross Fight B-daman DX. The ARTS system sounds genius! Something tells me it's going to be a great story ;D
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Prologue: AURA
序幕 [ ÃœŠæ°— ] (Jomaku, Reiki)

Monday, 14 days before the End of the World

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Semper Natura Credo | Always trust your instincts.
First Chapter: VAJRA
第一章 [ 序幕 ] (Daiisshou, Basara)

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What a great Chapter! Drazeros and Basara made me rofl! Reiki and Arthur are a good team ^^. And I'm curious who that guy is who has that sliver hair.
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Thanks for reading. Yes, Basara and Drazeros' relationship deepened as if they are now sworn brothers rather than a man with his B-Daman.

As for the silver-haired young man, he will be revealed soon enough. For now, here's Chapter 2 and familiar characters make their return.

Second Coming: BONDS
再臨 [ 絆 ] (Sairin, Kizuna) 

Tuesday, 13 days before the End of the World.

Tertiary: EMPEROR
三級 [å¤Â皇] (Sankyuu, Sumeragi)

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Ryuji is pretty awesome in my opinion. I was like "OH SNAP, KAKERU?!?!" And looks like you already got your enemy.
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Enemy? Nope, not yet.

第死 [ ٞ座 ] (Daishi, Shinzo)

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Fifth Ground: LILY
第五地 [百合] (Daigochi, Yuri)

Wednesday, 12 days before the End of the World

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Sixth Consciousness: Collision
識蘊 [角突] (Shikiun, Tsunotsuki)

Thursday; 11 days before the end of the world.
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Semper Natura Credo | Always trust your instincts.
If this was a new series I would definitely watch it but please add Dracysn and Garuburn back!

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