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Current custom plus discovery
NOTICE: My custom uses some parts that according to tournament rules are illegal but I just have them for lulz, in tournament play I wouldnt have them.

Head: Modified Stroke Orochi head (Added Cobalt Blade head, paint, and horns)
Core: Twin=Core
Left Arm: Left Starrion emblem wing
Right Arm: Right Drake emblem wing
Legs: Drazeros feet
TUG(?): Power pad from Right Drake

I found out that the emblem wings from the Triple=Gillusion actually do provide an emblem charge for the Twin=Core, there is a slot in each side that is just long enough that you can get the emblem charge prongs in there (bit of finegaling), no mod. I havent gotten to test it yet but they do make excellent contact, Ill leave that up to the judges as to whether or not its legal, no mods just fun mold coincidences. If I can get a space and a camera Ill post a vid showing off the B-Daman and some tests. What do people think? I have heads that I can replace the modified stroke=Orochi with
That is an illegal custom.
A-ya, AKA the dead unfortunate.
care to expand on what parts of it are illegal or is all I get a binary fact?
Doesn't really take that much thought...you modified a Cobra Head, dude.

Still, the rest of your combo isn't "illegal" and it's pretty interesting the Starion and Drake Arm Emblems work with Twin. I'd imagine the Beedle and Deathshell Arm Emblems would work as well. I'd really appreciate to see some testing though.
You can't mod a Cobra/Orochi head with a Cobalt horn (Like that'll do anything)
A-ya, AKA the dead unfortunate.
I did it cause it looks cool. And I said in the block of text at the bottom that I have heads I can replace it with. The question of legality was more directed at the emblems working with Twin core
Still, for any testing, you should use official, unmodified parts, Gaddiko.

No, using those Emblems with Twin isn't even illegal like I previously typed. Is there any testing you can make for us though?
I know, I did put at the top the modified head was illegal though.

Testing I cant do right now, I have an old Battle B-Daman field I made out of wood (used the measurements from the released set, but the thing was made from such low grade paper product I hated it and it physically made the game near impossible to play fairly), could use that and some of the old B-DaPins with different B-Dama amounts at different distances to see if there is an effect and how much of an effect there is... Ill see about finding a flat space, my parts (moved not long ago and still digging through boxes) and a webcam or video camera and Ill see what I can do, Ill post it to the forums ASAP.

Edit: Does the power brick from Triple=Gillusion count as a TUG? just a yay or nay there

Edit 2: From what I have seen in Rollout's videos all of the emblems apply pressure through the same spot on the core, so I imagine any of the emblem charge's would work with it.
I actually tried this combo myself. Super cool idea! The emblems on Gillusion are slightly differently shaped than many of the others, so they're the only ones that actually fit in Twin. I'd say the drake power pad is legal due to the fact that we've decided trigger pads are part of the arm-parts. We said nothing about having to use BOTH arms in the combo for it to be legal though, so it works. I like it. Wink

well the power brick I mean as the trigger piece from Right Drake. Interesting that this is the only one that works like that though. How does the actual shooting with this combo work?
my friend told me that metal rev core is actually works for dravise arm II E-charge...
well i dunno i never seen it myself also.. maybe anyone can try to do it?
I think it's just the head that's illegal, but that's pretty cool how you figured out that emblem charge with the Twin Core. There's gotta be other arms that can do this too though, probably like Beedle or something. Anyways, good job bro.
No matter how bright the light may be... It can always be overcast by a shadow.

Umm this custom absolutely illegal for the rules here but here it is my current customs...

What you need is :
drive core

You see the triple=gillusion is a b-daman with many possibilities...
The way it have three core at once is what makes it a GS b-daman...
So i decided to tweak this machine a little...
Well that's it..
I guess i stick the gillusion in this formation...
Maybe somebody could make another form from this gillusion that even better than my custom... Because this b-daman is a b-daman with many possibilities...
I hope my post is useful....  ;D
You have a pretty awesome Custom B-Daman. The first Gillusion looks cool because you put Drake and Starion together to make a Single=Gillusion *Thumbs Up*. On the Triple Drive=Gillusion (maybe the other way around for the core), I would of thought that the Roller Hold Parts would go on Starion's Core for rapid-fire and the Drive Strip On Drake for power, but dividing it on two cores is k ;D.
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<p class="bbc_center">(Edboy3 made this Signature ^_^)
i have try that one actually...
but it makes it off balance...
the core with 2 arrows makes it really hard to pressed ....
so i divide them into two core...
I have tried to put the arrows in different ways(left starion with right arrow , right drake with left arrow)...
but again it hard to press the trigger...
So i found that this way is better...

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