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Destiny Topic
Hello my fellow guardians we draw ever so close to the release of Destiny and even closer to the release of the beta and I want to get all of your opinions on the game. I f you haven't heard of the game I will give you quick little briefing on the game. Destiny is a fps game from are good friends Bungie who have been giving us Halo since before I could hold a controller and now they have handed halo to 343 industries and moved on. Destiny allows you to pick from 3 classes the Titan, Hunter, and the Warlock as well as let's you customize the way your character looks. I want to talk more, but we will be here forever, so I will leave a link to some Destiny gameplay footage. I want to see how you all feel about the game and hopefully we can all join together and complete are Destiny.



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I honestly can't wait for Destiny; I've watched all the trailers and gameplay and seen all the details: simply put, it looks amazing. I'll be getting it on Xbox One on launch day Tongue


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