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Destiny Xbox One Players?
Is anyone on the forums on Xbox One if so do you play Destiny?. Don't have enough friends that play Destiny for a full raid and have just enough for a trials of osiris dream team. Maybe we can play some time.

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I was into Destiny on release, but haven't really played it outside of occasional returns to do a few matches of Crucible here and there. Think I have a Warlock at 24 at the moment, though I'm not so keen on the gearing system in the game and have no idea how hard it is nowadays to level.

@~Mana~ When I got the game for xbox one I was only level 27 but with a little time in just a few days I was level 32. Bungie increased the light level on all legendary and Exotic gear so it's not as bad as before.

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Eh, even so. My main issue with some of this was that, while you could benefit from Light from one piece, it may not have the Intellect or Discipline stat that you want in your build. The gearing and levelling really needed to be addressed in a better way than "here's a value, it'll screw over your build but don't worry, we don't care".


Anywho, add me with SamPlaysVG and I'm sure we can play at some point.


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