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Documenting obscure products
Going through Amazon and Ebay, I keep finding strange parts kits like themed recolors of specific b-daman's parts (Power Trigger Cyclone Ver., Drive Change Core Fire Ver., etc.) As well as some strange, one-off stuff (Boost Magnum Armor, various stabilizers, etc) and a majority of these parts are almost completely undocumented in any way, so I'm puzzled to see if some things are legit or not, and what any of these parts do.

I recently ordered one of this boost magnum armor sets along with a second Break Ogre. I have no idea what this thing does, although I'm assuming it works like Jet Leojha's Jet Core.

This thread I'd like to dedicate to these strange off-beat products that aren't well known.

(Sidenote: if all this is well-known stuff and I'm just a n00b, please say so. Furthermore, I think it's become rather obvious what parts system my heart lies in.)
Titles kinda misleading. Thought this was about defective parts (flash, excess plastic, broken parts ect.)
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Quote:Titles kinda misleading. Thought this was about defective parts (flash, excess plastic, broken parts ect.)

I thought the Sam I was gonna mention my sonic cot te wasn't molded right and the seller sent me a new one and I fixed the defected one so now I have two sonic cores
[Image: ?action=view%C3%82%C2%A2%C3%82%C2%B4t=Ca...dansen.gif][img]webkit-fake-url://681102ca-ce30-4862-8c27-9f11665ef654/imagegif[/img]
Edited the title to help avoid confusion. A defective parts thread might prove interesting too. Should I start one?
Shure if you wanna
[Image: ?action=view%C3%82%C2%A2%C3%82%C2%B4t=Ca...dansen.gif][img]webkit-fake-url://681102ca-ce30-4862-8c27-9f11665ef654/imagegif[/img]
And it's done.

On-topic: When the boost magnum armor gets here, I'll do a write-up on this thread.
So I managed to get the Boost Magnum armor. At first, I thought it was just a less useful form of the Bearing Foot. I mean, it's still basically that, but it has a trick up it's sleeve. In the heels, there are a pair of spark emitters linked to the wheels (think like the igniter in a lighter). When you push the wheels quickly, sparks fly out the back. Note that the piece has pegs like the DHB Foot for the Zero System DHB armor, which peg into the back of the hold parts for increased power.

It also comes with a pair of shoulder armor, which are effectively just longer versions of the hades shoulders. That being the case, I put them on Revolver Hades. Looks just as good, possibly better.

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