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Donations - Where They Go
Like many other Forums, B-Daman Wiki Forums is strictly non-profit. That means that all donated funds are put towards the forum; whether it be advertising, hosting, upgrades. Any leftover funds are thrown into a pot, and giveaways or contents may be run from time-to-time using these funds.

I'll be quite open about this. Hosting is around £7 a month as it currently stands. The domain name is £10 a year. That's instantly £94 ($150) a year to maintain it, excluding possible other costs. While I'm quite happy to pay this myself, I always appreciate help in doing so.

That's why there are a number of options available:
  • Adverts are enabled on the Forum. These provide a minimal income, but enough to benefit in some way. Adverts are kept to a bare minimal with only one appearing on the bottom of thread pages, and two appearing on board pages.
  • A B-DaPass exists. Pricing for this varies, but it does grant you the title of "B-DaPass Holder" and a few extra powers that you won't obtain through normal post progression. Furthermore, B-DaPass Holders gain access to all official events free-of-charge. A year's subscription is priced at £7 ($10), but shorter terms are available with lower costs. You can subscribe to a B-DaPass via the "Paid Subscriptions" link on your profile, or by clicking here.

Thank you everyone! I know it sounds quite tedious and perhaps as if I'm trying to steal from you to use something that's free, but I just have to make this clear. Smile

Enjoy your time on the Forum!

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