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Epic Rap Battles of B-Daman History
In this one, you get to portray B-Daman characters (and/or B-Daman blasters) in 1-on-1 (or more) rap battles, ERB-style.

. Make sure your raps rhyme, yo!
. Be creative, and come up with some sweet comebacks, too.
. No cussin' allowed! We really mean it, dawg!

For example:
Say it's a rap battle between Drive=Garuburn and Triple=Gillusion (with me as Garuburn and EdBoy3 as Gillusion). Gillusion had finished his verse, and now Garuburn is doing his. Here is said verse below;

"Nice whiskers, Wario. Try messing with the Red Bird, you'll be sorry, yo. How many Kirins does it take to turn Crest Land into a Ruinous Realm of Darkness? It's disgraceful what you've done to your own B-Shot, you thought you beat Spike=Phoenix but sadly you could not. You delude that you're stronger 'cause of mind control, but I'm Drive=Garuburn and I'm on a roll. You may be three-in-one, but one's the only number needed for me to have kicked your sorry tail, and then have some fun! My homeboy Kamon may be younger, but in any kind of battle he's pretty much stronger!"
[Image: AlexSingature1.png] Credit to EdBoy3 (thanks, dude!)
Is cussing allowed?
A-ya, AKA the dead unfortunate.
Obviously not.
I have updated the opening post to include the no-cussing rule, if you haven't noticed yet.
[Image: AlexSingature1.png] Credit to EdBoy3 (thanks, dude!)
Epic Rap Battles of B-Daman History #1: King Bakuso VS Rising=Dracyan


King Bakuso (EdBoy3):
Well, look who we have here, another blue dragon.
Guess it didn't take long to jump the bandwagon.
Now Battle's where I'm from, we got first localization.
Huh? Cross Fight? That sounds like a devastation.
See, I fuse with my boy, King Rekuso, that's his name.
I got Accuracy, but Rapid-Fire is his game.
Whenever we want to, we just combine together.
With the best of both worlds, you know it's all better.
What can you do? This so-called "Double Emblem Charge"?
Last time I checked from IX, it isn't very large.
It's bad.
It's useless.
Just plain sad.
So you think you have it all just because of that Power?
Why don't I teach you DHB, because that game's ours.

Rising=Dracyan (me):
My Double Emblem Charge may be hard to perform, but in just the right hands it'll leave you torn.
You may be a blue dragon king, but I'm the frickin' Azure Dragon of the East, and one fine beast!
Sure that Sight Arm Barrel maybe sweet, but my Rising Core will have you severely beat, so be ready to counter with your very own heat, or after that one you'll be ready to eat!
I'll definitely own you with the Magnum Arm, and it'll do a heck of a lot more than just bringing you harm! Things for you won't certainly be very pretty, 'cause you'll be really dead meat when I finish this ditty!
I know Dragren hits targets better than you can, and compared to me, you are your own biggest fan!

Who Won? Who's Next? You Decide!

EDIT: Giving credit where it's due!
EDIT2: Dracyan rap revised
EDIT3: A quick fix
[Image: AlexSingature1.png] Credit to EdBoy3 (thanks, dude!)
Bakuso is owned.
A-ya, AKA the dead unfortunate.
Epic Rap Battles of B-Daman History #2: Triple=Gillusion VS Mega Diabros


Triple=Gillusion (me):
The name's Triple=Gillusion, and it ain't no delusion!
I'm a B-Daman that's three-in-one, and havin' some fun!
So your owner is Biarce? Well, that's too bad!
After his defeat by Yamato and the gang, he must be feeling really sad!
So you can steal people's energies, I can do that, too, and control people's hearts!
And when I'm done with you, there'll be nothing but scrap parts!
My main man, Ryoma, can kick some serious B-Shot butt!
So you've taken down lots of guys yourself, so what?
You're weird-o, Mega, you have a motorized Core,
but I think it sounds lamer than what I've seen before!
You maybe a devil among the B-Damans in your world,
but you're going up against an Ultimate Holy Beast!
Heck, you wouldn't stand a Trident Phantom of a chance in the least!
It's certainly true that I only controlled three people so far,
but when I'm done with you, you'll drown your sorrows in the bar!

Mega Diabros (EdBoy3):
I am Mega Diabros, I'm from DHB.
You're "Triple=Gillusion"? Not like you're better than me.
So you fire Triple Shots, interesting gimmick.
And? What is this? "Triple Magazine Mode"? That is really sick.
Except by the time your owner reloads, they'll be old.
Sure, I too am illegal for any official play.
At least those shots are fluid and not all over the place.
So what do you have to say? You shouldn't even be trying, just look at your pace.
Still, we're both banned. But we both know who's the best in hand.

Uh-oh, we've got a late entry, folks!

This rap battle's just begun, boys!

Who the heck is that?!

Mega Diabros:
Oh, no! Any B-Daman but HIM!

*spotlights reveal...Omega Bahamut!*

Omega Bahamut (me):
Yeah, I'm Omega Bahamut, so what?
You think I'm gonna ruin this battle? I'm joining in!
I have no doubt that you're shocked, so prepare to get rocked!
My Revolver Barrel can too fire Triple Shots, but you, Gillusion, have such evil sots!
I become the Ultimate with Alpha Bahamut, and that, my friends, can beat Bakurekuso's butt!
Then of course, there's Pegasus and Wyvern, that dragon and horse!
Diabros is a devil, Gillusion is a kirin, but me? I'm a beast of darkness, and I won't bow to thee!
The Revolver Barrel sure got on the banned-wagon, eh? But wait one moment, I just said a neat funny!
Then again, you'd think it's lame, 'cause you guys aren't as fun as the Crash Tower game!

Who Won? Who's Next? You Decide!

EDIT (10/4/13): Revised the Gillusion rap a little

[Image: AlexSingature1.png] Credit to EdBoy3 (thanks, dude!)
Bahamut won even tho he cam in late  ;D Also I wanna see Magnum Ifrit VS Colbat Blade battle of the first and second main character's b-daman.
[Image: MattSmithSynchAvi.jpg]
Ifrit VS Cobalt Blade will come later.


Epic Rap Battles of B-Daman History #3: Golden Bomberman VS Stag Cerberus


Golden Bomberman (EdBoy3):
I'm the Golden Bomberman. And I make shots curve like that.
The shot's too smooth, it should go plat-.
Boy, you're just a B-Daman overload with gimmicks.
What are you trying to be?
Stop trying to MIMIC.
I am the original Curve Shot, so watch what you're doing.
This is the fight that I fought and I'm really good at it.
So just step off and sit, Cerberus.

Stag Cerberus (me):
That may be true, G.B., but I make better curve shots than you.
I am the love child of two great B-Damans, Stag Sphinx and Koenig Cerberus, yo!
And you bet your sweet antenna that my power spans both Heaven and Hell, so go with the flow!
You're based on a game character, I'm based on a true beast!
You'll never stand a fighting chance in the least, you'll become my feast!
You have a dinky little roller, I have a red rubber strip, well complimented by my Hyper Adjuster Ring! Devastated at such a thing, C4?
You never truly rapped against a B-Daman like me before!
So you can do curve shots while standing, good for you!
But I can really cause a mess on aisle 2!
When I'm done with you, you'll be made into scrap metal,
and your shiny golden parts will be made into a medal!

Who Won? Who's Next? You Decide!

[Image: AlexSingature1.png] Credit to EdBoy3 (thanks, dude!)
This is a double-pack of epic rap battles!

Epic Rap Battles of B-Daman History #4: Yamato Delgado vs Riki Ryugasaki vs Samuru Shigami


Riki (EdBoy3):
Yo, here I go, my name is Riki. I am beast and I am tricky. My last name's Ryugasaki, as you can see.
Except both of you will be NOTHING like me.
Samuru? Yamato? What are you guys trying to be? Give me a challenge?
Oh, it's the other way around. All I need is Dracyan to pound you down. Dravise? Rapid-Fire?
Boy, you got nothing close to Power. Why don't you just quit? Go home and cower.
What's this? Cobalt Blade? Boy, you're just as old as my maid.
Your Power's nothing like mine. I'll smack you back in line.
I have Accele, I have Rising. I'm a great B-Shot, why are you guys even trying?
You don't know who you're dealing with, YOU NEVER WILL.

Yamato Delgado (me):
Not so fast there, dragon-boys, I've got some tricks up my sleeves, and a clue for you; What causes B-DaPlayers like you the right to act like jerks?
Unlike you two gentlemen, I'm the world champ! My Cobalt Saber Fire will bring you great ire, yo! But Cobalt Blaster will cause you more pain, though!
I know Gray's got better control that you will ever have, and when this is over, we'll see who gets to laugh! Rubber Hold Parts? What a joke! I know that Kiba is better you with the short-stroke!
Fact is, Riki-boy, you're nothing but a loser, even if you're a tough customer and a dragon-type user!
I wouldn't argue with Enjyu on how big chumps you are, for when I'm good and ready, I'll send you VERY far!

Samuru Shigami (StaticBlades11, lyrics edited by me):
Yea, I'm Samuru, The B-Der of the Wind. The number one, and you, man, down you are pinned. I own the white dragon, his name is Dravise.
And once were finished, you'll run like mice. We'll keep going, no matter how hard your trying.
Our Tornado Spiral Attack, will send you flying. We'll win with our Rapid Fire, and sooner or later, you will retire.
Sonic Dravise's speed is faster than light, It'll be a bumpy ride, so you better hold on tight.
Your Cobalt Blade, has been undone. If we had a battle, I would have won.
Dracyan and Riki's skills are so tough, but for me and Dravise, they aren't enough.
This has been fun, you're a good rival, that's true. But my skills and strategy has taken a toll on you.

#5: Revolver Hades vs Striker Gemini vs Jet=Leohjya

Revolver Hades (me):
You great fools, I am Revolver Hades, and compared to me, you are only mere tools! I have the all-powerful Revolver Core, and it goes full-bore!
Its multi-function gimmick will more than just stick!
Spin shots, drive shots, back-spin shots, and double-shots, too! It'll never be easy for you to simply get through!
Sure, Lord Cavalry has a similar Core, but it can do curving shots, that's true. I'm sure that he'll even beat you two!
My main man Aqulas has the powerful Stealth Shot, and there's no way to deny! Against such a thing, it's either fight or fly!
Cobalt Saber Fire is a worthier opponent, and my power has gotten many a proponent!

Striker Gemini (EdBoy3):
Coming from the 90s, here I am. You can call me old, but not as old as Uncle Sam.
I'm making a rap, making a rap, making a rap for some fools who think they can step up.
Except they don't have a clue, nothing at ALL, nothing that can help from this FALL.
The truth is, I'm Striker Gemini, a B-Daman. I resemble a gun, nothing like the bomb that we call CRASH, I'm rapping as fast as a FLASH. You would think there was a worthy OPPONENT.
Boy, I'm OMNIPOTENT. All I see is a revolver, I'm not going to lie. I'm doing this from the heart. The sad part is you have a bad history in the anime. Nothing to hold back, nothing to lost.
Boy, I am Striker GEMINI. I combine with Hammer GEMINI. The best of both worlds. We both got POWER, when we combine we're a TOWER.
A revolver? A lion? Are you fricking kidding me? You're not a good REVOLVER, you're just a wannabe, so move OVER. What's a lion going to DO? My rhymes are so fluid, your rap will fall THROUGH.
Now it's time to end this, finish it for all. I hope you understand but if you don't, give me a call.

Jet=Leohjya (StaticBlades11, lyrics edited by me. @ Static: Hope you don't mind):
I'm Jet=Leohjya, the King of the Beasts, And you guys, ha, you aren't worth to feast.
I'll bare my fangs to anyone I battle or face, and with my Emblem Charge, you're the one to replace.
I'm a Power Type, and each shot is a big bite, with my Beast-King-Thunder-Clap, I can put up a better fight. I'll show you guys, my strong lion roar, and when I battle you, you won't ask for more. Time for a Lightning Strike, that's with my sharp claw, time for a Lion Roar Strike, that's with my mighty jaw.
After a fight and another, I become much stronger, and when I fight you, you won't last much longer.
I needed to beat opponents, with my spin. But now, I just need one push to win.
There was a Revolver once? And a pair of twins? Looks like you didn't last long, when I stepped in.
If you guys were a movie, (in two seconds) it would start with "Fin".
You guys aren't enough to go under my skin.
Even though I'm not the top, I'm really rare, After I'm done with you, I'm your very worst nightmare.

Who Won? Who's Next? You Decide!
[Image: AlexSingature1.png] Credit to EdBoy3 (thanks, dude!)
Yamato wins. I give it a 9.5/10 just for a misspelling of "fire". But you still won, Alex.
A-ya, AKA the dead unfortunate.
Epic Rap Battles of B-Daman History #7: Lord Cavalry VS Rising=Dracyan

Lord Cavalry (me):
Forsooth, there be a blue dragon with all-rubber Hold Parts. Hah!
I shall slay you, for I have a lovely Hold Dial for different firing modes; drive shots, back-spin, curving shots, too!
I use two rubber strips for my drive shots, mind you, and I need not to rely on a singular ridged unit. My master is noble Lord Cain McDonnell, whilst yours is a blue-haired commoner.
When I am finished with you, I'll use thy scales for new suit of armor!
A Holy Beast B-Daman? Yeah, right. You dragons are all the same, for you all bring chaotic, destructive blight! My power is much more refined than yours, and I will greatly defeat you, even if you're on all fours!

Rising=Dracyan (EdBoy3):
Rising=Dracyan, that's my name. Beating them all, that's my game.
My Rising Core is powerful. It'll grab you and take you for a pull.
Emblem Charge, watch out. Oh, what's wrong? Ready to pout?
Lord Cavalry? Seriously? You think fancy shots can outbreak me? Boy, you still have more to see. With the Magnum Arm, see. That's the key.
I wear it. I'll wreck it.
So c'mon. Show me what you GOT. Not like you'd win, because this is the fight that I FOUGHT.

Who Won? Who's Next? You Decide!

[Image: AlexSingature1.png] Credit to EdBoy3 (thanks, dude!)
Lord Calvary wins.
A-ya, AKA the dead unfortunate.
@ Shadow: You're not playing favorites with my raps are ya?
[Image: AlexSingature1.png] Credit to EdBoy3 (thanks, dude!)
[quote name="JustAlex93F" post="4276" timestamp="1384537378"]
@ Shadow: You're not playing favorites with my raps are ya?

Yes and no.

First, Lord Calvary is basically better than Rising=Dracyan despite of power.

Second, you don't want to know.
A-ya, AKA the dead unfortunate.
Here's an old rap for the B-Daman Garland Blast by EdBoy3;
"They call me Garland Blast, I'm your opponent.
You can try and fight me son, I'm omnipotent.
See, I come from Zero.
With some exclusive Hold Parts, oh.
It's got a Rubber Strip.
Now get ready for a trip.
I aim and take fire.
Just something to admire.
The shot starts to spin.
That's when you know I'm gonna win.
Seriously? I'm battling you?
You could learn a thing or two.
You just copied my gimmick.
You're just a mimic.
Hugo Raidoh?
King of the Beasts?
Boy, I don't need an owner.
That's when you know I'm beast.
I may not be as stable, that is true.
But when my Spin Shot's ready, here's the cue:
[Image: AlexSingature1.png] Credit to EdBoy3 (thanks, dude!)

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