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Favourite B-Daman Game
Since I couldn't find a thread like this, I decided to make this, sorry if this already exists.

What is your favourite B-Daman game of any system?

It must be an existing set like Break Bomber or Crash Tower set.

Personally, my favourite games are Break Bomber as it is well balanced for all types in my opinion and any system can play it, unlike something like Direct Hit Battle for Battle B-Daman. I also like Direct Hit Battle as it is more action based and requires a lot of strategy. Meteor Bomber is an intense game and same reasons as Break Bomber, though this one is quicker to set up as well.
Crash towers are easily my favorite game piece to use, so anything involving them.
Oh yeah The Crash Tower game is really fun, defending it against a second player is just awesome!
Crash Towers for me too if Official game. Smile
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Crash Tower 100%. Its the only game that requires you to stratagise the configuration of your tower. Add ridiculous customization and you got a great, intense game! B-CRASH!
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My top favorite game is Meteor Bomber. Its an extremely fast pace game that can be fun. Ive played with my ex before, and we used to battle for up to almost 10min. trying to just get the first puck in.

After meteor bomber its down to Break Ball.
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I think I should list my top 5 I know, at least what I updated recently:

5. Strike Surge - Yeah I said it, it's surprisingly fun to blast the columns especially with Jet Leohjya, it has serious flaws like being flimsy and marbles being caught on gaps but trying to push away the column while your friend does the same is cool, Power Types are actually more envolved here and it's a type that never really shows as much use as the other two IMO, not by much but a little.

4. Direct Hit Battle - I love this game because it requires so much strategy and it's very action packed when played seriously with a friend, it's a different game and I think that it makes Strike Shots more useful.

3. Crash Tower - I love the unpredictable nature of this game and the way you could clash marbles, making Strike Shots useful, I love the fast paced nature and the customisation option it allows, the only problem is that it's tedious to set up but it's worth it.

2. Break Bomber - It's really fun to spam the blocks everywhere or knock the red blocks the last minute, I haven't got the new updated break bomber set yet but I like this game a lot, although my only problem is the monotonous set up process.

1. Meteor Bomber - It's fast paced, it's fun with a friend, it's fair with all types and the unpredictable way the disks move and the fair challenge does give me some appeal to this game, it's so fun and it's easier and less tedious to set up than the Break Bomber.

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