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Flight Rising
Not 100% sure if this is the right place to put this one, so if it's out of place please feel free to move it.


I was wondering if anyone else here has a Flight Rising account, since I play it pretty regularly. For those unaware, Flight Rising is a pet site featuring several breeds of dragons as pets, sort of in the vein of Neopets or Subeta, but aimed at a slightly more mature userbase. The main feature is that your dragons can breed together, passing down their colors, and for those that have them, their special genes which change the coloring of the dragons. While breeding takes a certain amount of real world days to complete (without the use of a premium item), it's a way to create unique and rare dragon breed and color combinations. This can be also be used for profit, as dragons can be traded and sold to other users.


Dragons must also be fed to keep their energy up, and users gain bonuses for keeping their dragon clan's average energy level above 80% for at least 3 days in a row. Dragons can also fight in the Coliseum, an RPG-like battle system where you can take up to three of your dragons to fight monsters for item drops or other users for a spot on the leader boards. Tying back into the energy system, however, a dragon must have at least 80% energy to breed or fight in the coliseum.


Dragons can also be dressed up with clothing items to customize them, and skins and accents can be applied to dragons to add special color designs to them (which, however, are not passed down through breeding). Dragons can be also assigned familiars (much like petpets on Neopets), which can grant the user bonus currency and items daily.


The site is only in beta for now, so new user registration is limited to certain windows of time, with the next window actually taking place from 05:30 server time (UTC-8) tomorrow to 05:30 server time on the 18th.


My clan profile can be found here, so if anyone already has an account feel free to add me as a friend. For those that don't and decide to register tomorrow, please add my user name (Schakal) in the referrer box! It'd help me out.


Also, I have plenty of spare dragons with special genes I don't mind giving away to anyone to help them get started if they want them.

[Image: arcadesig.png]
*raises hand*

A friend of mine got me addicted a couple months ago. My username is badmediakarma, so feel free to add me. 


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