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General Beyblade Thread
Quote:Yoshii, iku ze! Arigato, Mana-san! Smile


Okay, the main protagonist of Beyblade Burst may not be female but hey, Beyblade treats female characters better than B-Daman so...it ain't that bad in the end.


I'm done translating chapter 1. I credited you for the Raws.

I know there's already a group that translated Chapter Zero but I'm no way trying to compete with anyone and I'll be uploading my translation work to Beyblade Wiki so that I can finally have an actual contribution to that site. I mean, I can't just upload someone else's work, right? That'd be against the policy of the Wiki itself and my own principles. XD

So bring in Chapter 2!! Big Grin

Yeah... about that. If you look at the poster of all the Beyblade Burst characters on the WBO, they don't seem to have any female characters meaning that they are probably going to the B-Daman roote where there aren't any interesting female characters, I bet the best we'll get is a boring female classmate. There is a pink haired character on that poster that might be a girl but he/she may also just be an androgynous character.

I hope they don't take the B-Daman roote where every god damn player is a boy because we need an interesting female character that owns a released Beyblade, not anything anime exclusive so here better be no character that is like Natsumi, Ruri or Liena where they own anime exclusives only.
But wait, Valto may be male but his Valkyrie is a female bit beast! Big Grin

Unless of course they make Valkyrie as male then that's the time that it will go from "still tolerable" to no less than downright offensive.
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Semper Natura Credo | Always trust your instincts.
Realising now how unprepared and unorganised the Wiki currently is. Perhaps I should look at recruiting admins and whatnot and just generally tidying the Wiki up over the coming weeks...


On another note, my Burst tops have now arrived...without the stadium to use them in. Hopefully it's not too bad to use them in another for now...

Ah yes, "fun" times at Beyblade Wiki. I remember getting into a conundrum with those who insisted on that pointless Naruto trivias on Yu Tendo and Sora Akatsuki's pages as well as this whole gender thing about Demure from Kyouya's team.


Ergo, new Admin of Beyblade Wiki better be both responsible and mature.
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Semper Natura Credo | Always trust your instincts.
So uh, the time finally came for us to make the announcement we'd been planning for a while...

Beyblade Legends and Shogun Steel are now in the UK in The Entertainers!

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