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General HASBRO B-Daman FIREBLAST Discussion
So where can I find the fireblast b-daman at? I can't find it on ebay, amazon, or any other site. I'm about to lose my mind and pull my hair out! 

I was wondering the same thing @[member='icefirec67']... they look cool so if you find them post it on the forums  Big Grin




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Type in cross fight bdaman es into tge search bars. Then they should pop up. Fireblast is what hasbro calls them. And they made their tor release an italy exclusive basically.
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Thanks to kyousuke for the Sig.
EBay has a few. However, I'll take a bullet before I drop $35 on a Hasbro Drive=Garuburn or $75 on a recolor of the original Break Bomber.
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