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Hallo. Just another new gal:-)
Hey everybody. I'm excited to be on the site with you guy's! Me and lightning fin will have a blast:-). As you can tell lightning fin's my favorite. I got him in a kind of weird way. He kept falling in my shopping basket when I tried to put him up. I guess it was destined lol. Anyway happy to be here:-).
Welcome to the forums hope you enjoy your time here and don't be afraid to chat with us Smile

[Image: tumblr_static_tumblr_static_1j7yaa1bgask...go_640.gif]
“You, people down there, are you satisfied with the way the world is? As for me… I hate it.” – Lockon Stratos
Enjoy your time.
[Image: Kodoh_Kuraki.jpg]

Thanks to kyousuke for the Sig.
Another female! Welcome Smile

Ohh a B-Daman that really wants to be taken home. Mystery~!


Welcome to B-Daman Wiki Forums! ^_^
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Welcome Smile
I'm late to the party, but welcome to the Forum! Hopefully you'll enjoy your stay here!

If you have any questions or queries, feel free to message myself or anyone else here and I'm sure we'll point you in the right direction! Smile
Hey bro! Welcome to the forums!

Welcome to the forums! 

welcome c:


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