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Hey everyone what's up my name is MrVolkein and I need your support for one thing...Destiny! Very soon a whole bunch of people will be playing the Destiny beta and I will be one of them. I know what is going through your heads right now and you probably don't care about my channel or my bread and butter, but I would really and strongly appreciate if you guys could click that link at the end of the post and help out my channel. I will be giving Destiny content everyday until the beta is over and I will be doing livestreams on my twitchtv channel also so please go and follow me on twitch also. If you did support my channel I give you many thanks and if you didn't support WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!!!





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You need to stop creating so many topics just to advertise your YouTube channel. You will have one topic and one topic only, and it's this one.


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