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Inconsistent Marble Size and You: How to play with Cross Fight marbles
I've been buying Cross Fight marbles in bulk the past few years, and only recently (With the return of my beloved Cobalt Saber Fire) have I noticed something peculiar about them: They vary in size, not enough to be visible without instrumentation, but enough to affect performance. In short, Cross Fight marbles are inconsistent, larger marbles will be better for Power-types, while smaller is better for Rapid-fire. On that note, I need to put out this disclaimer here: DO NOT USE ANY MARBLES MADE AFTER 2001 IN SUPER OR BOMBERMAN B-DAMAN. THEY WILL BREAK. 

Now with that out of the way, onto my findings:

Being american, I measure marble size in inches and decimals thereof. The average Super B-Daman marble is .625" (5/8") diameter. The average Battle and Crash marble is .67" (2/3"). The reason for this change I can only assume is marketing. .625" is a fairly common marble size, and common marbles can be bought in massive quantities dirt-cheap, as demonstrated here. To prevent people from buying cheap marbles in bulk to use with their B-Daman, they made them ever so slightly bigger. That being so cheap marbles will be weak when used in a modern B-Daman, but the comparatively expensive Official JBA/KBA/WBMA marbles offer a standard of performance. When I say comparatively expensive, I mean it in spades. Compare the price of official B-Daman marbles to that other listing. It's almost TEN TIMES more expensive! Back on the topic of size however, the quality control on the marbles was fairly well-kept back in the Battle/Crash era (Within about .005"), so the price was at least moderately justified. All that went out the window with Cross Fight.

I found that Cross Fight marbles can vary by as much as .015" in either end of the scale, making the marbles of size anywhere between .685" and .655". This is a HUGE difference. a .030" Max/Min difference can make or break a power shot, or throw a wrench into your rapid-fire flow. While I don't expect everyone to own a set of callipers and measure their marbles, this is definitely a factor which can affect competitive play. If you do have the time to measure your marbles, I recommend sorting them in three categories, like I have: Below Average (<.660"), Average (.660-.675"), and Above Average (>.675"). Under Average size marbles are great for Rapid Fire types. with their reduced size, there's less tension on the hold parts, and in turn the trigger. Average is perfectly balanced. They'll work equally well across multiple blasters. Above Average, as you'd expect, is great for power-types, but also for accuracy/control/precision/whatever you want to call blasters that can hit a target well -types. Their larger size gives them less wiggle room inside a barrel or round hold parts, so they fly much straighter. Meanwhile, their size creates more tension in the hold parts, making them much more powerful, not to mention their slightly increased mass will also make them better for knocking down targets.

What you use is up to you, but I feel this is some interesting food for thought, as well as an interesting factor in blaster performance.
[Image: 6GXqhNa.jpg]
EDIT: These were both from the same pack.
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