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Is fanning Gunlock Wolg possible?
The more I look at Gunlock Wolg the more I feel like his core was meant for fanning. Fanning is a way to rapidly shoot a single action revolver by using your hand to push down the hammer mostly used during western times or if you play Destiny the last word hand cannon. The more I look at the trigger the more I feel Wolg was made to fan. If anyone has a Gunlock Wolg can you test it for me, I would myself but I don't own one or his core.

[Image: tumblr_static_tumblr_static_1j7yaa1bgask...go_640.gif]
I never thought of it like that. The core is very weak and is great for rapid fire. (I'm literally messing with my .357 magnum and painting a picture in my head of the concept )

I may be buying a wolg my friend.

TTechnically speaking, you could fan the trigger ,but you would need a magazine at an odd angel.

Great concept dude.
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@b-dablader95 I feel if you were to extend the spiked pieces on the trigger it would be a lot better, but I'm for sure getting a Wolg to try this out

[Image: tumblr_static_tumblr_static_1j7yaa1bgask...go_640.gif]
I might to when I get some more money
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