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July/August 2013 - Sono-Kong Battle B-Daman Strike Shot Collection
finally I can get some strike shots  count me in
enter me Smile

Yessssssssssssssssss enter me in ;D
[Image: MattSmithSynchAvi.jpg]
Count Me In! Definitely want some strike shots. Then, I Can Enter The B-Daman Competition, And Defeat Yamato And Grey! Show Em' Who's Boss!

Enter me Tongue
count me in!! i have a revolver hades that could use som strike shots
“You, people down there, are you satisfied with the way the world is? As for me… I hate it.” – Lockon Stratos
Enter me in too.
Enter me.

Admin Note from ~Mana~
This giveaway can be entered by everyone without any restrictions for this one time only, so you're safe to enter!
I'm in XD
Enter me
T-rex + grippers = unstoppable
Enter me please and thank you.
[Image: 8tgh.jpg]
Enter me please!
I'm in
Hey! Sign me up! haha this is awesome!
I heard of your skill, and im not impressed.
Sign me up, really nice of you!
Decided 24 hours extra gave people the extra option to join or back out.

REGARDLESS, entry is now closed. I will be going under the process of checking all entrants to see if they've entered twice (aka cheated). Afterwards, the selection process shall begin.

Thank you everyone for entering in this time period! Thirty-five of you have entered but there can only be one winner! Keep your eyes peeled for the result coming up before the end of the month!

EDIT: Finished the IP check. I wanted to applaud everyone for not cheating, but sadly that isn't the case.

The following users have been disqualified for entering with multiple accounts:
  • Sniper116/Vortex20

Yep, just the one person. That leaves thirty-three of you in the running! Stay tuned for news of the draw!
And the results are in!

The winner of the super special awesome Strike Shot set is....

Congratulations to you! Please remember to PM me with your address for shipping, and I'll get it out as fast as I can!

To everyone else, thank you for entering and better luck in the future! Don't forget, not all giveaways will be free to enter and some will require B-DaPasses, which are available for $10!
wow I really didn't expect to win XD PMing mana with my info now
[Image: FJ9BEy.gif]

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