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July/August 2013 - Sono-Kong Battle B-Daman Strike Shot Collection
As we're now hit over 20 users, I guess it's time to start this!

Our first giveaway on the Forum is the Sono-Kong Battle B-Daman Strike Shot Collection. It comes complete with 4 Drive Shots, 2 Spike Shots, 2 Split Shots, 4 Stealth Shots, 4 Speed Shots, 2 Impact Shots, 4 Metal Shots, 2 Random Shots and 6 KBA B-Dama, for a grand total of thirty B-Dama!

To enter, post anything synonymous to "Enter me" below. Please remember to follow the giveaway rules.

As an exclusive for this being the very first giveaway, a premium membership and five posts are not required for one time only, so be sure to sign up and enter for a chance to win!

The deadline for this giveaway is August 20th, 2013 at 00:00BST. Any entries after this time will not be counted. Do not attempt to use multiple accounts in this giveaway; we will be checking all IPs of entrants to see if anyone is using multiple accounts. Anyone who uses multiple accounts will be disqualified from the giveaway and given a warning.

Good luck everyone!
Sign me up.
Count me in! ;D
[Image: AlexSingature1.png] Credit to EdBoy3 (thanks, dude!)
I'm in, thanks Mana.
enter me please Smile
Me Me Me want it LoL
Enter me please....
[quote name="MasterRPGMan" post="588" timestamp="1372943776"]
Reminder: You must have Premium to enter.
Nvm, I read the post wrong.
Enter me, Mana.
A-ya, AKA the dead unfortunate.
Enter me please Smile
Enter me please
B-daman is my jam Man..... 

Talk is cheap, prepare for cross fight
Enter me please.
[move] ;D[/move]
Enters me pleaseth.
[Image: 7.jpg]
Enter me please! Smile
Just realized that a premium membership wasnt required. Enter me please!
I'm  gonna be d da bomb!
I'd like to enter, if that's ok.
enter me pl0x
[Image: FJ9BEy.gif]
Enter me then. Smile
enter me you must
Renardy was here, cheese cubes.
Sign me up!
Enter me in please! Smile
Sign me up!

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