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Just helpfull information? Maybe?
My heart has strongly suggested that I bring up the idea of a california tournament. For the sales of b daman off computer problem we maybe have one solution, THE 99 CENT STORES IN CALIFORNIA! They have been selling b daman crossfire starter boxes for some time now for $2:15. This is a chance to get people to buy. Their not high in price. Adults and kids alike love when something is not high in price! I know I did:-). So maybe having a tournament out here can have sale benefits. Maybe close to a 99 cent store too so if they ask where they can get one their right there ready to go! I know about travel costs and stuff like that too, but just putting it out there:-)
Our biggest problem is we are to spread out all over the world.
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Thanks to kyousuke for the Sig.
Right right. Hmmm.....oh well it will come soon. Just keep hope alive!:-) If I have other ideas, I will keep you guys posted:-)
OH MY GOD!!! The idea just came to me. Your words triggered it. Us being spread across the globe is not a bad thing at all. It's the best thing actualy. If we are across the world it can spread across the world! If we can get lets say leaders of areas in their towns to start working individually in thoughs areas we can spread it to the world faster! Thoughs leaders are going to  have to yell that their there though. We may have b-shots right next door and not even no it. Thoughs "leaders" can put up posters and such around their towns to get fellow b- shots realed in with the plan and the forum! And I think we should make use of youtube as well. there is someone on this forum who is actually having success with youtube right now and it will make new fans! Aaaaah:-) We have thought that being across the world is a omen but it could be the swing home we need! Plus Hasbro will be pretty excited if they see tournaments and groups across the globe in every corner right? Wow I talk alot. Just noticed+_+

Weve had members talk to officials at Hasbro, and in Hasbros' eyes, bdaman is a dead toyline in which they pretty much benefit nothing from the bdaman line. And in my area, no one will know what thi is exactly.
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Thanks to kyousuke for the Sig.
Another problem is that if you are going to rely on tournaments held by lets say hasbro, more or less teh tournament will only target for kids and not for adults.


There are teens/adults that want to compete as well but u know because this is a toy that is targetted for kids then there are no tournaments for adults like due to "social status thingy or w/e it is called" that whenever you see an adult who is not an official errm "officer" of the tournament a lot of people would say something like "wow, that guy is so old and yet he still plays childish toys? and etc." so yea, it aint easy especially for the adult ones Tongue


Would be nice if there is such thing as a virtual world of some sort where we get to meet up anytime anywhere that way we can do a tournament easily Tongue

Failure leads to Innovation as perfection leads to no innovation. That's how I manage to keep my sane under control while building homemade b-damans Tongue
Just to loop back to Hasbro tournaments, I do believe that Hasbro are strict on preventing anyone older than 14 from joining in, and even 14 year olds are a push. Considering most members here are in their late-teens and early-twenties, that wouldn't exactly work out. That and, as has been said, Hasbro pretty much sees B-Daman as a dead franchise now.
And here I am stuck in Canada XD
You know what? If B-daman is dead, it's because it's not appealing right? Well that means we need to make it appealing. I say we should all come up with a new battle arena or a new style of playing that will hype it up. Then my little idea can help develop it across the world. Everyone, lets think of ideas on how to make the battle arena more exciting. A new shot system or something. Let your ideas go wild:-). B-daman is only dead because it's the same old stuff. You can customize all you want but if the arena doesn't change it gets boring.


If the new battle system is appealing enough and we brodcast it on youtube people will notice. When people notice their going to want to get in on the action. When people will notice Hasbro will notice and want to talk to use about this new battle system:-). Plus if they see that the majority are young adults and teens they might make exaptions. Sorry about flaws in my posts my keyboard is crappy-_-.


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