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Know any good sites to order B damans for a very cheap price?
I searched on eBay and notice some B daman to be very expensive. Is there any other sites besides Amazon or eBay where I could order them for a very low price?
Lavatisfigure.com has a large selection of rare super bdaman and crash bdaman for cheap. I got my final battle box for $104 about $75 less than eBay. There's also cartridge system too! Other than that, I jump between Amazon and eBay. Lavatisfigure is the only site I know of that sells authentic super and crash.
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Dimsum2u here on the Forums offers B-Daman from the Cross Fight series at low, affordable prices. Worth taking a look in our Marketplace section in the "Verified Sellers" sub-forum.

While this is slightly off topic I just saw a super bdaman on Amazon for $19.00 (u.s.)
[Image: ?action=view%C3%82%C2%A2%C3%82%C2%B4t=Ca...dansen.gif][img]webkit-fake-url://681102ca-ce30-4862-8c27-9f11665ef654/imagegif[/img]
Dasom0606 on Ebay offers some incredible pricing on Sonokong Zero and Zero-2 B-Daman. Most standalone models are $10 USD with $8 shipping (Which is par for the course coming out of asia). Haven't had a single issue buying from him.

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