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Let's do this, Samurai Phoenix!
I have purchased Samurai Phoenix from the series Battle B-Daman and I have to say, it's a great B-Daman. I brought this is the normal package that comes with a transparent grey battle pin and a glass marble. It's a model kit, so your going to have to build it, it's not hard, it will be the same B-Daman on the box as long as you read the instructions (lol). Once I finished building it, I did some test shots and it's a really powerful B-Daman when you lock in the Phoenix Wings, it's power is close to Cobalt Blade. As I trained with it, I noticed that the Phoenix Guard on the B-Daman works as a buckle and a delta strip since when I fired it with my finger on the top of the trigger. The marble did a "Semi Drive Shot", like the Torque Core, it did somewhat weak forward spin on the marble that strikes the target easier. So I would recommend the B-Daman ^_^.

"Activate Phoenix Wings!" *Phoenix wings activated* "Mighty Phoenix Slash!"
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