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Make up your own B-Daman And/Or B-DaPlayer!
Name:Ebony=Dracalibur (Dragon And Calibur)


Type:Rapid Fire


Color Scheme:Violet,Silver,Black and Lime Green

Head PartBig Grinracaliburs head is somewhat like assault dragren,being its very jagged and straight.On the top of the head there is a circle like tube that is short,allowing it two hold one extra ball.On each side there are are horns that are curved down which are his emblem charges,the horns represent swords.On his face there are purple eyes that are covered by a see-through visor,on the visor there is horn that helps aim.His head is silver

Arm Parts:Like Garuburn he has small and adjustable arms.On his arms there features a sword that is stylized to look like a dragon (the arms are connected to the horns on his head.His hands are opened so you can grip on to them,inside the hands there are rubber for comfort and grip.His arms are silver and black while the rubber is lime green

Stud Parts:lime green

Leg Part:His legs are actually connected to his body so they don't need studs/screws.Dracaliburs legs are large and triangular like Dracyan's except their silver with purple accents

Core PartBig Grinracaliburs core is special because the front ring rotates allowing the ball to spin left or right depending on the direction of the ring.This core has a a elongated like drazeros allowing it to fire faster and from a farther area.This core is lime green while the ring is black.

Gimmick:his horns can come down and act as supporters for the legs

eCharge Shot:Revolving Kaizer FangBig Grinracalibur's beast appears and teleports in several places leaving b adman balls spinning in mid air then he flys to the top and rushes downward while the marbles rush as well until impact.


<a class="bbc_url" href="http://s1291.photobucket.com/user/WyVernWBO/media/NoireLXFLF_zps02674371.png.html">[Image: WhiteBlockSigRedVer2_zps2e6922e6.png]</a>


<p style="text-align:center;">Excuse the name Spectral,Its my WBO Fourm name Smile
B-DM2: Zero 2/Blaster Core System B-Daman
Name: Sonic Kaiser
Type: Power
Skeleton Color: Red
Head Armor: Blazing Kaiser, Azure
Shoulder Armor: Power Shoulder, Azure
Gauntlets: Fire Shield, Azure
Foot Armor: Blazing Foot, Azure
Core: Astral Drive (A Drive Core with two more hold parts, in between the top two and the drive strip)
Heel Armor: Dragon Claws, Azure
Magazine Armor: Proto-One Server, Azure
Decal scheme: Blazing Kaiser in Sonic Kahn's colors, Red visor.
Strike Shot: Sonic Spike Shot (Spike shot, Azure body, Red Spike Strip)

Essentially the Zero 2 counterpart to Sonic Kahn, I wanted to differentiate it more from Blazing Kaiser, by giving it a unique Core and giving it a little bit more edge in terms of loading and balance. Of course, being an anime-focused, it's terribly one-sided in terms of performance: Power, power, and more POWER. If this were a real thing, it would have practically no Rapid-Fire or Accuracy capability, but in the anime, the Suspension of Disbelief takes over just for the Rule of Awesome. Sonic Kahn will always have one of my favorite designs of all B-Daman, and I'm heavily biased towards Power types in terms of aesthetic. As a character, I'd probably be one of those one-off guys that normally have a palette-swapped Proto-One. Bonus points if characters around me note how rediculous my B-Daman is. With all that in mind, obviously my Zero System B-daman would just be Sonic Kahn, and my DHB/Cartridge System B-Daman would essentially be the same concept, with the Cartridge System variant having an Astral Drive body, to coincide with my Zero 2 system setup.

Original? Not really. Cool? You bet.

B-DM2: eCharge System B-Daman
Name: Divine=Valkirie (ValkiriÃÂ)

Color Scheme: Gold, Black, White.
Type: Power
Head Part: Valkirie (try to imagine the Proto 1 head with Garuburn's 'ear wings'. Head - Gold, Ear Wings - Black, Additional Patterns - White, Visor - Dark Gray (the visor will look like a knight helmet's eye guard)
Arm Parts: Garuburn, but the fists are changed to more human ones, and there will be sword patterns on them. The Emblem will be a Valkirie helmet.(Arms - Gold, Patterns - White, Emblems - Black)
Stud Parts: Silver
Leg Part: Drazeros 2 (Gold, Patterns - White)
Core Part: Divine (The Spike Core with the Accel Drive Strip)
Gimmick: Drive Strip
eCharge Shot: Valkirie Vengeance Drive

, r

e F
r T
d p

I k
w o
f n
o r

y t
r T
d e
r b
e f

, V
for V

[Image: signature2_zps475a249e.png]
I thought I had posted this before, but I guess not... anyway:


B-DM2: eCharge System B-Daman
Name: Sniper=Anubis

Type: Power/Control
Head Part: Anubis Head (resembles Wolg, but with less curved "ears" and a black with gold trim color scheme)
Arm Parts: Anubis Arm (resembles the Blast Arm in power mode in black with golden wings; the Emblem is activated by pulling the wings back)
Stud Parts: Gold
Leg Part: Anubis Paw (a slightly rounder, one-piece version of Raydra's leg with a rubber bottom to increase friction with the surface the B-Daman is placed on)
Core Part: Sniper (slightly elongated Core with a Drive Strip similar to Spike and Hold Parts in a delta formation. has a unique shape that makes it incompatible with any barrels other than the Sniper Barrel [explained below] and a special gunlike trigger to maximize its power output; however, this comes at the expense of dramatically lowering its rate of fire. due to this trigger, the preferred way of holding it is to use the main hand to pull the trigger with the off hand lying on top to pull back the Emblems; as such, it works best while lying on a flat surface for support)
Gimmick: Has a special Sniper Barrel that only works with the Sniper core (and vice-versa; the Sniper core will only allow the Sniper Barrel) that resembles the barrel of the Accuracy International AWM rifle. Though it, like any other barrel, reduces the overall power of the Core, it focuses each shot to incredibly accurate levels. Without the barrel, the Sniper core is insanely powerful, but also wildly inaccurate to the point of being nearly useless.
eCharge Shot: With barrel: Eye of Judgement: Rather than a symbol of the Emblem appearing in the user's eyes, a cross-hair forms with the pupil as the center. Can only be used after entering a state of complete focus, allowing the user's shot to hit the target with a 100% rate of accuracy from even far distances.

Without barrel: Reckless Perfection: Unleashes an immensely powerful shot; however, the shot is completely uncontrollable and has a possibility of damaging the user as well as the target.

[Image: arcadesig.png]
B-DM1: Synchro Weapon System B-Daman
Name: Sword Wyvern
Type: Power/Rush (Right-Spin)
B-Daman: Wyvern 3 is different from Wyvern 1 and 2. It is black with a metallic blue, Knight themed helm with three horns on it.

It has Bulky,metallic blue shoulder guards. It has unique hold part for power and rapid-fire capability "right-spin roller" which has a Roller on the left side. Besides that, it is a Balance Hold. Both of its arms are attached with "Wing Gauntlet" that squeezes in the hold parts for a boost in power. It legs are b-dama legs for mobility.

Barrel: .67 Power buckle, a buckle shaped power barrel. It is the shortest Power Barrel (a bit shorter than .67 Compact Barrel) 
Synchro Grip: Tempest (Fire Synchro Grip in black with no decal)


B-DP: B-Der
Name: Alice Kenzaki
Gender: female
Physical Appearance: Alice is a sixteen-years old girl with long black wavy hair and blue eyes, and her eyebrows are long and thin. She wears an elbow-length knitted cape, black colored with white laces. Underneath it is a sleeveless black Gothic dress with navy blue skirt and black shoes
Age: 16
Personality: Alice is aloof and serious while maintaining an air of coolness as if she were a hard-boiled detective. However, her personality becomes a more friendly and smiles when she is with her "aniki" who gave her Sword Wyvern, Hiryu Aikawa. She sometimes says the catchphrases of the characters from other B-daman series like "Mystery" and "Let's heat up".
Occupation: B-der
Nationality: unknown
Background: Alice comes to West City to find her "Aniki", who travels and B-da Battles with B-ders around the world, including Gunma Nishibe and Bull Borgnine. When she enters the first tournament, she receives a perfect score on The Ultimate Strike Challenge, along with her new rival, Akai Washio
B-Daman: Sword Wyvern
Crash Weapons/Synchro Weapons/Accessories of Choice: Core Change System Magazine Server, Wide Magazine (connected to Core Change System Magazine Server)
Special Shot: Charge shot (shoot a spin shot at lightspeed velocity)

Looks interesting...


I used to make my own b-daman in the past but for some reason I stopped making one due to me being stuck with materials and what not or something else.....


If I were to make a new b-daman, it can contain a e-charge system, core change system, interchangeable trigger like how crash b-daman does it and at the same time apply my very own version of DHB system using the concept of a tally counter in which I haven't even started yet studiying its mechanics.


Then again with my stupid idea of using materials that are harmless to children and what not I cant even figure out how to make my own molding like material to make those very sturdy shapes and what not.


So in summary:

Idea b-daman that I want to make:

- Has e-Charge system

- Core chaneg system

- 3-block gear system

- Synchro weapon system

- Adv. DHB concept system


All in one b-daman.

Failure leads to Innovation as perfection leads to no innovation. That's how I manage to keep my sane under control while building homemade b-damans Tongue

Infinite minotaur

Head armor has red horns with a minotaur head.

Shoulder shaped like a Cresent moon.

Feet armor has 3 claws.

Skelton is red.

Core is called the reverse core. It has a drive strip at the top.

On the foot armor there are wheels.

Type power control.
Name: Vertical=Gemini
Type: Special
Head Part: Gemini Head  - A black robotic, mecha-like head with a greenish line visor. It also has a scouter-like eyepiece covering the right-hand area of the visor.
Arm Parts: Gemini Grip Arm L & Gemini Normal Arm R - Gemini Normal Arm R is a basic right-hand Arm Part with mecha-like design. Gemini Grip Arm L features a large, left-handed pistol-style grip handle coming from the shoulder.
Stud Parts: Yellow
Leg Part: Gemini Leg - A red Leg Part with a robotic design to the feet.
Core Part: Vertical - A powerful Core Part featuring a Vertical Shot System, which has a vertical trigger that forces B-Dama down a slope in the core's barrel and through the hold parts. It also features two different firing modes; Single-Shot Mode and Triple-Shot Mode. In Triple-Shot Mode, the user can pound the vertical trigger with enough force to fire three-marble burst. Because the vertical trigger is directly behind the B-Daman itself, the Core has a side loader, which has a port for magazine-type Tune-Up Gear.
Super-Shot(s): Gemini Hammer Strike (Single-Shot Mode), Triple Threat Hammer (Triple-Shot Mode)

So basically, it is a Core Change System version of Hammer Gemini from Super B-Daman
[Image: AlexSingature1.png] Credit to EdBoy3 (thanks, dude!)
sorry if i am necroing,but i have 2 B-daman to show you guys

B-DM0: 3 Block Gear System B-Daman
Name: Tide Acinonyx
Type: Power
B-Daman:A tan B-daman that is based off of a cheetah.
 Armor: navy blue armor that looks like a cheetah's head and mane (head armor=cheetah head,shoulder armor=mane)
 Holdparts:the hold parts resemble those of the force core from the core change system but in navy blue (the holdparts are a reference to a cheetah's non retractile claws)
 Color:the orangey tan color of a cheetah with sparkles
Barrel: .67 Force barrel
 Description: a shorter version of the .67 long barrel with large nubs
 Color: Dark Turquoise
Grip: Trigger Grip D
 Color:dark turquoise with navy blue pads

B-DM0: 3 Block Gear System B-Daman

Name: _____ Hurdia

Type: Rush



(will finish Hurdia later)

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