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Making a Cross Fight es Story!! Taking Character Requests
B-DM2: eCharge System B-Daman
Name: Smash=Panda
Type: Power
Head Part: Panda1 *Similar to Bearga*
Arm Parts: Panda1*Like bearga with emblems *
Stud Parts: Black
Feet Part: Panda1 **
Core Part: Smash *Smash core with drive strip*
Gimmick: The B-Daman will have a Drive Effect for the Shot.
eCharge Shot: Smash fist *Powerful shot*.

B-DP: B-Der
Name: Joe
Gender: Male
Age: 10
Physical Appearance: Black hoodie, blue jeans,white shirt and black sneaker
Personality: Jerk,rude and cool guy act
Occupation: B-der
Nationality: North City
B-Daman: Smash=Panda
Tune-Up Parts/Version-Up Parts: System mag
Bio:A lonely kid who found a b-daman who talked to him and gave him bad ideas
Could get a bio please?
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There it's in there now and static why you just there doing nothing ??
Huh? I was away from the keyboard... but that's besides the point.
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Ok Tongue and watch this video :3        http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ViHRK3T7b...1377304420
Ok! I came up with a villain, now let's see If you want it.
First, the B daman
Name: hades Centurion
Type: special
Has a golden and grey style to it, with golden armor and a roman type helmet on its head, has 2 shield shaped emblems on its arms. Can increase its performance by dawning all of the legendary pieces of armor, the helmet, which has a sight on it, the arms, which will increase grip and power, the boots. Which will increase stability, and the chest plate, which will be a piece that goes on its emblems and core, to complete its performance. (it's b shot wants to collect all these pieces to make his b daman unstoppable.)

Now the b shot!
Name: Leo (Real name Leonardo)
Age: 16
Appearance: wears black boots, a pair of white beige colored pants, wears a long sleeved black shirt with a red symbol of a roman. Wears a white sash around his torso with a golden buckle, and a set of golden buckles around his wrists, has black slicked back hair, and a golden leaf in it. Has green eyes.
Attitude: he comes from over seas looking for the armor for his legendary b daman, to become the ultimate b shot, incredibly arrogant, doesn't like gettin his hands dirty, comes from a rich family.

You can tweak him however you want, can make him have minions etc, there you go though!
I heard of your skill, and im not impressed.
Maybe I can make a B-daman that is a dragon, like Dracyber (Dragon/Cyber-Network-Electronic). You can use him as a B-daman for your story. Or for anyone's story if your willing too. Mach=Dracyber, he is a rapid-fire type and of course, an Emblem Charge B-daman.
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Static make my b daman
[quote name="Samurai_Ifraid1" post="2205" timestamp="1377196422"]
[/quote] I would like to be the bad character please , I find your story intresting
Name: Erik Kurochi
Age: 17
Appearance : Really resemble his father ( little version of Basara ) wears the similar kind of coat Novu wears with the collar (Except the blue coat turns to black and the yellow part of the collar is red ) and black jeans with black boots .
B-Daman: Spike Drazeros ( same Gimmick as Spike Phoenix but using the es version of Drazeros as the body just with Spike Core ) Tune Up Gear : Power Mantle ( obsessed with power )
Bio: Son of Basara Kurochi . Obsessed in getting his B - Daman stronger he sacrifice being able to shoot two marbles at once for ultimate power . Likes to win , he may be a bad guy most of the time but seeing little B - shots ( kids ) in trouble will make him compassionate ..... his mostly a B - Shots who lost his way

- J
[Image: Death_Note_Letter_J_by_Junsui88.jpg]
I guess I can throw a character into the mix. He is sort of an anti-hero kinda guy. (Can be good but mostly bad)
Name: Kain Yuuki
Age: 16
B-Daman: Sonic = Drazeros
Why his parents vanished:
Lifestyle: Kain and his sister finally found a home, albeit a make-shift home in an abandoned building, but it was a home all the same. He practices with Drazeros every day, destroying things that he nor his sister don't need. For food, he enters cash prize tournaments to buy him and his sister meals.
Appearance: Kain has a mature face with hateful, yet pretty, turquoise eyes. He wears a black V-neck shirt, black jeans, and boots, which he conceals under his jeans. Over everything, he wears a blue zip up blazer-like hoodie, which he keeps unzipped. He wears a special Dark Purple and Soft Green paracord bracelet that his sister made for him. His hair:
Sorry if the character Desc/Bio/Anything is confusing. I suck at explaining things ^^
I have made a lot of mistakes in my life... I don't want losing you to be one of them... ~Elfen Lied

B-Daman Fanon:
Name: xander zero
B-Daman:mach saword in black
BioConfusedhy, lonely, doesnt care much, feels left out
Lifestyle: spends time drawing. Born into a rich family but feels unloved
Apperance: wears dark clothing and emoish hair

Name:Xander sumiya
B-Daman:mach sasword in black
Bio: simons cousin. Born in a rich family.
Lifestyle:draws. Depressed. Bad guy
Apperance:dark clothing. Emoish black hair covering one eye.

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