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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Discussion
Does ayone have a Wii U or a 3DS that plays Monster Hunter?. I have both systems and I have invested over 730 hours in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and over 1000 hours in Freedom Unite, so yeah come at me bro. I would like to see if anyone plays 3 ultimate on the Wii u now and if anyone is getting 4 Ultimate?. Let me know your thoughts and opinions.


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A new one!?!?

@[member='Drift Galewind'] Yes a new one comes out in late March or early April and they will be releasing the demo soon

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Thanks man! Can not wait to get back into a MH game been ages!

I can't really dig the control scheme on the 3DS (played the demo a few times), so I'll probably skip out on this one.

A few buddies of mine and I are planning on all getting MH3U for Wii U, though.

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@[member='Arcade'] I understand the whole control scheme is weird at first, but when you've play over 300 hours already into the game you get use to it

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