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New Bdaman series predictions
Or set up 3 targets for each player side.


Who ever knocks down the three first wins. (Something from an anime I watched. So I dunno if this idea is stupid.)

A-ya, AKA the dead unfortunate.
Another idea would be for more action. Crossfire seemed to focus mainly on tournaments, and while I think they pulled it off, it would be nice to have more episodes where they go to figure something out and use their b-daman when they need to get out of a bind, like they did in episode 3 (dubbed )of crossfire.
If D-Rights run out of ideas, they might as well animate the manga adaptations as a short OAV series. Crash B-Daman's manga may not pass the Bechdel Test but has hardcore action. Cross Fight B-Daman's manga may suffer from Cousin Oliver Syndrome but still has better action in the anime IMO.

...and of course, the Cross Fight B-Daman Legendary Phoenix.

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Oh thread so dead,

withering in pain,

Arise arise to post again

*thread necromancey*

Yo, on a side note of the an8ime, let's talk about the cloud *all hail the cloud* what if the new series has a sort of point system cloud like burst beyblade? I doubt we'll get exploding b daman (DHB) but some kind of point system. I know pre cross fight had a point card like the metal fight beyblade series. Any thoughts?
“You, people down there, are you satisfied with the way the world is? As for me… I hate it.” – Lockon Stratos
Like a hit-the-B-Daman-to-explode kinda thing?

A-ya, AKA the dead unfortunate.
Not like that, but a point system perhaps a DHB variation that you can transfer your wins and losses to a pointer type divice
“You, people down there, are you satisfied with the way the world is? As for me… I hate it.” – Lockon Stratos
That be epic. I remember the intense DHB battles i held with my buddies. We would play for hours on end.
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Thanks to kyousuke for the Sig.
I like the western feel of Battle B-Daman, so that returning would be nice at least. I feel the B-Daman should be designed kind of like Right Drake and Left Starrion(don't know if I spelled that right)with the grips being on one side to suit peoples dominate hand and cross it with Crash B-Daman.

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