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New kind of b-daman.
What if we had a b-daman that has a control system that can hook up to the b-daman in order to control the b-dama! Then when you crossfire you can control the b-dama! That would go great with a arena were you avoid obsticles to get to a finish line or hit a target! Wow idea mania over here lol:-).


EDIT: Oh my god and for speed and power and stuff, we could have chips that you can buy to upgrade your B-daman! I need to stop! I need to stop!+_+

I may not be in the position to say this but it would have been better if you just edited your first post because of the no double posting rule.

Other than that, nice idea. ^^

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Well,that reminds me an RC Beyblade. But with that, every b-daman should be power-intensive to make the B-damas travel at certain speed to be able to control.

By the way, i like your idea. The game will focus more on tactics.


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