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Power X Rapid fire?
I Was Playing At My Local Toys-R-Us When I Saw This Guy With A Metal Accele Core, Using It For Rapid Fire.
When I went Home And Tested It, It Performed Surprisingly well With The Tornado Magazine And A One-sided Component.
Try It! It Should Work Pretty Well.

First off, it's illegal to use the One-Sided handle on a non-One Sided core. If your tournament allows you to do that, they need to be taught otherwise.

Secondly, I don't see the logic here. Metal Accele makes Rapid-Fire more difficult, but improves Power, so what is happening here o.o
Really? I should remove the one sided thingy.
The accel core might be more powerful, but the shots are not as smooth, but it creates a good balance between rapid fire and power


Anyways, I was experimenting again and discovered that you can use Drazero's wings as a one sided attachment while using a magazine. Gripping Drazero's wings like a one- sided grip, it doesent work too badly.
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Actually, in questioning the logic of making holes for the one sided component in the accele core. I dont think using one sided with accele core is illegal or anything, because, if it is, then why make holes for it?
Using One Side IS illegal. Note that. And what does holes have to do with anything?
A-ya, AKA the dead unfortunate.
The holes are there for the Power Mantle, I believe. Using the One Sided attachment with any core other than the One Sided core is illegal. It's in the rulebook.
Well, I guess it's time to change the rules  Wink Anywho, The holes Are NOT for the power mantle. The power mantle is like any power block, just that it has the stabilizers. MasterRPGMan, If the holes are made for only placing components that are not allowed to be put there, then why put there anyways?
y argue with official rules just listen to em and move along...
and where is your proof they are not for the power mantle...
In my opinion, I'd say that Power X Rapid-Fire is perfectly valid, only the Metal Accel Core is not a very good example of this, it's more like Power > Rapid-Fire. Maybe the plain Accel Core is better, or better yet the Drive Core.
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