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Relation with the CFBA
Just a quick notice;

We endorse relations with other fansites. We all love the same hobby, so why be at each other's throats? That is the reasoning myself and many others see. If you know me well, I also assist in running the Beyblade Wiki, which has a sad, hostile relationship with the World Beyblade Organisation. I do not want that to happen with our Wiki and Forums.

So I'm laying some ground rules here and now regarding relations with this site and the Cross Fight B-Daman Association Forum.
  • Users from both Forums are not permitted to be hostile with each other in any way.
  • Neither Forum is to "steal" users from the other. This includes advertising the on the opposite forum, messaging users on the opposite forum to join, among other things.
  • Users from both Forums are expected to respect each other. If you see that there are mistakes on the opposite Forum and they bother you, mention it to myself or Ultramarine and we shall notify each other (unless you want to make an account and do it yourself).
  • Posting spam on the opposite forum is not permitted in any way.
  • Giving either forum a title of supremacy over the other in a hostile manner will not be tolerated.

If any of these rules are broken, you will be given a 20% warning on both Forums. Breaking them again after that warning will add another 20% on, as so forth.

Please remember to respect other B-Daman fansites. Thank you.

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